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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Don’t forget your loved ones this Valentine’s Day!

Love is a universal language, and romance extends beyond cultural borders. Valentine’s Day is the one holiday of the year that everybody comes together to celebrate love and adoration. Each year, February 14th commemorates the romantic day in which we are expected to shower our loved ones with gifts and affection. Nothing is a better expression of love than a bouquet of flowers.

Whether you are after traditional red roses or something different, Gift Flowers Singapore has a vast collection of Valentine’s Day flowers for you. We provide unique floral arrangements, from timeless classics to modern day styles. No matter what style you are looking for, you can find a perfect one at Gift Flowers Singapore.

Surprise your sweetheart and show your love to her with our beautiful bouquets, signature boxed roses or stunning flower arrangements. You can customise your flower gifts by adding an extra little gift to make this day even more memorable.

Why Send Flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Whether you a starry-eyed lover or just looking to express your appreciation for a friend, flowers are the way to go. In fact, people have been sending flowers since the 1600s to express their love. This makes perfect sense, especially considering the pure beauty of a floral arrangement. What could express your love more than something that is just as beautiful as your partner?

Your loved one will instantly know that he or she was in your thoughts upon receiving a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. In addition, most people expect that they will celebrate the holiday in some romantic way. You do not want to disappoint the love of your life by coming off as forgetful. Even if you are not free or cannot be with her on Valentine’s Day, you can always prepare a flower gift before your big date to make your partner feel truly appreciated.

The Perfect Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Red is the colour most associated with Valentine’s Day bouquets. According to myths, the goddess of love is most associated with roses; however, tulips, carnations and lilies are also common flowers to send on this romantic day. There are quite a few colours at your disposal when you are looking for a gorgeous arrangement. Even if your relationship is not yet serious, consider a pink or yellow bouquet of gerberas. Pink hydrangeas with red roses also make up a beautiful arrangement. You do not have to go overboard; simplicity is sometimes appreciated.

If you are already expressing your love for each other, consider sending a bouquet of deep red roses and white calla lilies. While roses are often sold by the dozen, three beautiful, plump roses have been used over the years as a simple way of saying, “I love you.”

Love is one of the most powerful emotions that a human can experience, and sending flowers is just one way to express your appreciation. Impress her by presenting your flowers in one of our stunning flower bouquets. Or send her a beautiful floral arrangement of roses presented in a vase, basket or wooden box. Gift Flowers Singapore has a wide range of styles to help you pick the perfect flowers for your true love. Visit our Valentine's Day Collection here.

Romance is in the air. How will you show your partner that you care?

Valentine Flowers from Gift Flowers SG

At Gift Flowers SG, the number one online florist in Singapore, we are dedicated to providing you with fantastic customer service. Enjoy our beautiful range of floral arrangements perfect for Valentine’s Day and have them customised to suit that very special person.

Our fresh flowers are specially selected from the best blooms, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Your special day is guaranteed to be extra special with our vast selection of flowers.

Call Us for Your Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangement

Browse and order your desired flowers with ease from Gift Flowers SG. Choose from our extensive range of the most popular Valentine’s flowers, as well as unique flower ideas that are sure to ‘wow’ your significant other. You can also track your order and see exactly when we will deliver your beautiful blooms.

Our fantastic flower arrangements are carefully thought-out, and tailored to your needs. Enjoy ordering from Gift Flowers SG today.

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