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It can be a little tricky trying to find the perfect gift for every individual, especially since everyone has such different tastes and perceptions of beauty. Choosing a style that suits your loved ones plays a huge part in gift hunting, and it takes some thought and careful consideration. To save you from a lot of trouble, our flower experts are more than eager to help you with the decision.

It’s important for the style you choose to match the occasion. For more formal events such as memorial services and corporate related occasions, standing flower arrangements are highly recommended. But for informal occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals or other personal celebrations, beautiful bouquets never fail to impress, and Gift Flowers SG can help.

Here are some of our favorite arrangement styles:

  • Flower Stands – The Glamorous Flower Stand is one example of our beautiful arrangements. This option includes stylish foliage mixed with pastel flowers. These stands are best suited for corporate events, grand openings and even memorials.
  • Vases – We offer several types of vase arrangements. For instance, our Single Hydrangea with Round Vase is a beautiful display of love. Rectangular vases are also popular options.
  • Wooden Box – This is a beautiful way to send flowers. Hydrangea in Wooden Box is a beautiful gift that is perfect for the home or office and suitable for any occasion.
  • Gift Set – Gift sets are great for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Our I Love You Roses Gift Set comes with shower gel and champagne to make for a relaxing and romantic evening.
  • Of course, we also offer simple bouquets. Our Mixed Lilies Bouquet is a perfect choice. The pink lilies with a background of seasonal foliage is undeniably beautiful.


Stylish and Stunning Flowers from Gift Flowers SG


Gift Flowers SG is your one stop online shop to the most eclectic range of blooms that will leave you in awe. Order your desired flowers from your favourite florist today. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated bouquet to set the mood for the occasion or a box of surprise flowers in style, we’ve got what it takes to set your gift apart from others.


We are more than proud of our unique flower styles and amazing arrangements. No matter what gift you choose - bouquets, vases and delightful boxes, our products are of the finest quality and is bound to turn heads.


Give Your Flower Experts a Buzz


Get your flowers completely hassle free today with Gift Flowers SG. Check your order using our innovative system on the website and see exactly when your beautiful gifts will be delivered.

Our wide range of stylish gifts are sure to delight anyone in your life. Enjoy making a wise choice next time with Gift Flowers SG.