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Flowers with Vase


A bouquet of flowers is always very well received, but flowers in a vase will surely take it up a notch. Not everyone has an extra vase available, so giving their favourite blooms in one is a wonderfully considerate gift to give, allowing them to proudly display your delightful gift.

Here at Gift Flowers SG, we want you to be perfectly prepared with your gift, which is why we are delighted to offer you a glorious selection of flowers in great quality vases. With this organisation in mind, now you can send your classic gift of ruby red roses to your beloved or luscious lilies to someone you care about, and be ensured that they will have a fabulous vessel for display.

Here are a few of our favorite flower and vase gifts:

  • Our Sunflowers with Vase is a warm gift suitable for anybody. This vase includes 10 stems and a clear glass vase perfect for a birthday, holiday or to welcome a new baby.
  • The Red Roses with Vase arrangement is beautifully arranged and just perfect to wish somebody well or to show how passionately you feel toward your significant other.
  • We love the Vintage Purple Roses & Hydrangeas with Vase because it is timeless and beautiful. Each flower is hand-selected to ensure perfection.
  • Consider the White Lilies with Vase if you are looking for something elegant. This arrangement includes four or five stems of lilies in addition to seasonal foliage.


Beautiful Flowers and Vases from Gift Flowers SG


Gift Flowers SG is the top online florist in Singapore dedicated to providing customers with excellent service. Enjoy our fantastic range of beautiful floral arrangements and unique vases, and get them customised to suit your taste.

Our fresh flowers are chosen among the best blooms available all year round, and are perfect to be put on display. Place your favourite roses, tulips, sunflowers, lilies, gerberas and others in a beautiful vase to instantly brighten up the room.


Order your Flowers in a Vase


Gift Flowers SG is committed to getting your order sorted from start to finish. We not only offers expert advice on finding the right vase in the best flowers for that very special person, we also give you just the tools you need to track the delivery of your gift and free delivery in Singapore.

Order your much desired flowers in a box from us today and make your loved one feel extra special.