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  1. Pink Perfume

    Pink Perfume

    Pink Perfume pairs well with a celebration or big event. This stunning bouquet is a celebration of beauty in itself, offering the arrangement of roses, eustoma and mini roses and other seasonal foliage. This is a relentlessly romantic arrangement, making it perfect for that special someone in your life. Learn More

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    Special Price S$179.00

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  2. Alstroemeria Bouquet

    Alstroemeria Bouquet

    When you order a bouquet of flowers, your goal is to impress that someone special. This unique arrangement arrives in a lush display that includes season’s best alstroemeria in a delightful color. This flower is special because it offers a look somewhere between a lily and a casual rose. Ultimately, it creates a compelling look that is fresh and appealing. Learn More
  3. Yellow Lilies Bouquet

    Yellow Lilies Bouquet

    Yellow lilies symbolize remembrance, making it the perfect choice for a number of special holidays. The yellow lily offers a refined sense of sweetness, which makes this bouquet ideal for so many occasions. They can help to remember a loved one who is gone, or they can show appreciation for a favor or job well done. For many, the yellow lily offers a sense of solemnity and grace. This group of 10 to 15 stems creates an alluring but sweet bouquet. Learn More
  4. White Lilies & Alstroemeria Bouquet

    White Lilies & Alstroemeria Bouquet

    When you think about peaceful flowers, the first one to spring to mind is the lily. Resting on a bed of white alstroemeria, the lilies present a feeling of acceptance and appreciation. This bouquet represents quiet elegance, but it is the perfect present for somebody you care about. Lilies, exactly like the ones included in this bouquet, can represent devotion and humility. You can also send them for occasions like funerals, but many people appreciate them as decor too. Learn More
  5. Exotic Hydrangeas Bouquet

    Exotic Hydrangeas Bouquet

    Hydrangeas are a curious flower not found in most traditional bouquet options. Still, you will find that they look simply gorgeous in this arrangement, surrounded by green eustoma and mini hydrangeas. The foliage creates a lovely bed for the meaningful flowers surrounding it. These hydrangeas may be green, but they help to create a unique look. This is a casual and unique bouquet. Learn More
  6. Exotic Roses Bouquet

    Exotic Roses Bouquet

    Pink roses come with significant meaning, namely the idea of sweet admiration. This set of 12 stems is interspersed with a spray of red roses, symbolizing passion and romance. Among them also rests white roses, some of the most peaceful and elegant flowers available. Combined, these flowers create a romantic atmosphere. This bouquet is perfect for a special occasion with your loved one. Learn More
  7. Purple Roses & Ranunculuses Bouquet

    Purple Roses & Ranunculuses Bouquet

    The purple rose is a symbol of enchantment, so it makes sense that you would send this delightful present to somebody you find yourself falling in love with. The yellow ranunculus is also called a buttercup, and the reason is clear. When paired with the elegant pink alstroemeria, the flowers simply sing. The spray of pink roses completes the arrangement, creating a full bouquet. This splash of color adds a little something extra to any room. Learn More

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  8. Purple Roses & Alstroemerias Bouquet

    Purple Roses & Alstroemerias Bouquet

    A bouquet in purples and reds can be just as unique as any other. This bouquet arrives at the home or office of somebody you love, showing just how much you care. The 12 stems of purple roses share a sense of enchantment, especially when paired with the red alstroemerias. Together, these flowers compliment each other. Your loved one will also be enchanted by the colors of these flowers. These are excellent for a romantic occasion. Learn More
  9. Yellow Calla Lilies & Matthiolas Bouquet

    Yellow Calla Lilies & Matthiolas Bouquet

    The yellow calla lily is representative of gratitude, which makes this floral arrangement a lovely way to show appreciation. With this arrangement, you will find five stems of Season’s Best calla lilies in hues of yellow resting alongside freesias and matthiolas. These flowers sit on a bed of seasonal foliage that adds to the atmosphere of the bouquet. This cheerful bouquet sends a strong message. Your recipient will know exactly how you feel. Learn More

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    Special Price S$144.00

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  10. Pink Lace Spray Roses Bouquet

    Pink Lace Spray Roses Bouquet

    Flowers are already beautiful and delicate, but adding lace spray roses to any sort of arrangement is sure to make it all the more elegant. These pink roses rest on a bed of eucalyptus. This creates a lovely fragrance. Send this bouquet to show somebody that you care about them, especially in a romantic way. It is a classy present your loved one will remember for years to come. Learn More
  11. Hydrangea & Eustomas Bouquet

    Hydrangea & Eustomas Bouquet

    A traditional bouquet is not for everybody, and this bouquet is anything but traditional. This bouquet includes two or three stems of hydrangeas, creating a full and luscious look. In between the blooms, you will also find an assortment of Eustomas, cymbidium, and other seasonal foliage. All together, these blooms create a fantastic look that all can enjoy -- and smell. This bouquet of flowers is perfect for a romantic holiday or even a birthday or Mother’s Day. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$230.00

    Special Price S$196.00

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  12. Pink Romance

    Pink Romance

    Pink flowers are delicate and soft, and this bouquet is the perfect representation of those facets. This large bloom box includes colorful blooms that your loved one will remember for years. The pink eustoma and pink ranunculus are subtle enough to create an air of appreciation. Paired with white eustoma, you can’t go wrong sending this gift to somebody special. It is perfect for Mother’s Day or a birthday. Learn More

    Out of stock

  13. Garden of Eden

    Garden of Eden

    When you think of flowers, you might not consider the cooler colors on the wheel. This arrangement includes blue hydrangea mixed with the dramatic hyacinth. This is all paired against the light bed of yellow roses and tulips. This creates a complementary bouquet that looks fantastic no matter where it is on display. The foliage offers a sense of completion on this full bouquet. Learn More

    Out of stock

  14. Timeless Beauty

    Timeless Beauty

    An eclectic collection of roses can say a lot. Pink roses show appreciation, and purple blooms symbolize enchantment, or falling in love. Yellow is symbolic of joy and cheer. Sending this arrangement of blooms tells somebody that you are falling in love with them, and you want to show how much you enjoy it. It is a romantic bouquet that is still light and fun. Learn More
  15. Exotic Ranunculuses Bouquet

    Exotic Ranunculuses Bouquet

    Are you looking for a truly exotic present for somebody you care about? This present will keep on giving, providing your recipient with a lovely floral arrangement they will remember for years to come. This present comes with an arrangement of pink and white ranunculuses, creating a unique blend. This present is ideal for any occasion, ranging from mother gift to a romantic occasion. It is the perfect way to say, “I love you.” Learn More

    Out of stock

  16. Country Hydrangeas & Spray Roses Bouquet

    Country Hydrangeas & Spray Roses Bouquet

    This beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers is perfect for any occasion. Several stems of hydrangeas will create a colorful look at any event or for any special occasion. When paired with the lovely Season’s Best roses, these flowers stand out. These flowers are perfect for anniversary, a new baby, or even just because. This is a romantic arrangement of flowers that speaks to your emotions. Learn More
  17. Sunrise Sparkle

    Sunrise Sparkle

    Put a twist on the traditional rose bouquet with a lush, tropical spin. Sunrise Sparkle offers more than dense, red blooms. This is the perfect gift for the cheerful, nature-lover in your life, with yellow Roses, white spray roses and white matthiola. Learn More
  18. Mini Oncidium Bouquet

    Mini Oncidium Bouquet

    The onicidium is a type of orchid that is not commonly found alone in bouquets. This makes it the perfect flower for a special person in your life. The satin finish of the petals are perfectly suited for a romantic occasion. This versatile flower is bright and sunny, sending love and light to that special someone. This bouquet is a cheerful delight. Learn More
  19. Mini Hydrangea Bouquet

    Mini Hydrangea Bouquet

    The hydrangea is an ornate flower with unique, woody stems. The lacy nature of the flower means that the blooms are a special delight for the special person who receives them. Hydrangeas in every color, ranging from purple to pink are enchanting. Sending this bouquet of hydrangeas to somebody special sends the message of gratefulness and understanding in many cases, creating a heartfelt message. This flower is also commonly given as a fourth wedding anniversary gift, making it a romantic choice. Learn More
  20. Graceful Peonies Bouquet

    Graceful Peonies Bouquet

    Peonies are a flower commonly associated with richness and royalty, and they look beautiful surrounded by seasonal foliage. Our Graceful Peonies Bouquet is simply stunning when paired with gorgeous hydrangeas. It looks naturally composed, making the flowers the perfect arrangement for a holiday, birthday or simply because you want to express your love with a beautiful message. Learn More

    Out of stock

  21. Mixed Color Carnations Bouquet

    Mixed Color Carnations Bouquet

    A beautiful selection of mixed carnations with seasonal foliage, this mix of carnations is a sweet reflection of love and care. Learn More
  22. Peonies & Matthiola Bouquet

    Peonies & Matthiola Bouquet

    Gorgeous peonies are always in style, so there is no doubt that your loved one will simply adore the Peonies and Matthiola Bouquet. Seasonal peonies, representing richness and honor, are stunning against matthiola, providing an elegant and beautiful bed of flowers. The bed of seasonal foliage adds to the graciousness of this gift, which is just perfect for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Learn More

    Out of stock

  23. Sunflowers with Vase

    Sunflowers with Vase

    Sunflowers are the flower of cheer, and an arrangement of these delightful flowers can brighten someone’s day. Send a beautiful ray of sunshine with our Sunflowers with Vase, an arrangement that includes 10 lovely stems of bold blooms. Flowers arrive in a clear glass vase, perfect for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or just to wish somebody a good day. Learn More
  24. Stunning Pink Roses with Carnations Bouquet

    Stunning Pink Roses with Carnations Bouquet

    Shower somebody special with roses and carnations with our Stunning Pink Roses and Carnations Bouquet. Our baby pink roses rest side by side with seasonal carnations in blushing red, surrounded by lush seasonal foliage. This is the perfect gift to send Mum for Mother’s Day or to send to your significant other as a token of your love. Send this bouquet just because or to wish somebody a happy birthday. Learn More
  25. Mixed Tulips Bouquet

    Mixed Tulips Bouquet

    Are you looking for a stunning hand-tied bouquet of delicate tulips to surprise somebody you care about? Our Mixed Tulips Bouquet is the perfect choice. Tulips are always stylish and cheerful. Our seasonal blooms are professionally arranged with 18 to 24 stems in three gorgeous colors. Send this gorgeous gift for an anniversary, birthday, holiday or just because you feel like it. Learn More

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    Special Price S$116.00

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  26. Pink Roses & White Eustoma Bouquet

    Pink Roses & White Eustoma Bouquet

    Just like the delicate shade of the petals, pink roses convey gentle messages of gratitude, happiness and even sympathy. Give this to your best friend to tell them that they are a joy to be around, to your mum to express your appreciation or to your colleague who is feeling under the weather. White eustomas add to the grace and sophistication of this versatile bouquet, while green pom poms add a refreshing touch of colour. Learn More
  27. Gerberas with Orange Roses Bouquet

    Gerberas with Orange Roses Bouquet

    The vibrant colours of gerberas are associated with happiness and cheerfulness—perfect as a gift for friends be it to celebrate their graduation, or to cheer them up as they recover from an illness. Alstromerias complements this message as symbols of devotion, with its twisting leaves signifying a friendship that withstands trials to keep growing. Fiery orange roses add a hint of desire or fascination, and all in all this lively bouquet is further adorned with a foliage of hypericums and ruscus. Learn More
  28. Champagne Roses & White Matthiola Bouquet

    Champagne Roses & White Matthiola Bouquet

    Know anyone who likes to wake up in the morning to fresh floral fragrance? This bouquet is for them. The gorgeous champagne roses are complemented with subtle matthiolas that not only look sweet, but smells sweet too. This arrangement can be used to express fascination, desire, passion and tenderness—thanks to the champagne roses—as well as contentment and everlasting beauty through the matthiolas. Learn More
  29. Carnations and Baby Breath Bouquet

    Carnations and Baby Breath Bouquet

    Mesmerizing carnations and baby's breath with seasonal foliage An ideal gift for any occasion. Warning! Strong impression as by-product. Learn More
  30. Sunshine Bouquet

    Sunshine Bouquet

    The sunflower is one of the most bright, happy flowers. The five stems that come with this bouquet rest on a bed of seasonal foliage, each bloom offering a unique and exciting message. The sunflower brings a little bit of that light inside, warming up any room. Send this bouquet to somebody you care about, somebody who deserves more light in their life. This flower can offer good fortune and hope for the future, sending a very simple message. Learn More
  31. Marsh-Rosemary Bouquet

    Marsh-Rosemary Bouquet

    The marsh-rosemary is a flower offering more than an intriguing name. This bouquet is eye-popping and offers the sentiment of true love. In many cases, the marsh-rosemary is great for remembering a loved one at a service or memorial. When you have built a connection to last a lifetime, this bouquet is the way to send the message. This bouquet represents so much more than growing affection. It also symbolizes hope for a bright future. Learn More
  32. Matthiola Bouquet

    Matthiola Bouquet

    The matthiola is a beautiful flower that can help to create a full, romantic bouquet just like this one. These Season’s Best flowers come in a variety of colors, each of which will look gorgeous on a shelf or desk. These flowers are majestic and symbolic of many emotions, including peace and appreciation. Send these items with a complimentary message card to show how much you care. Learn More
  33. Sunflowers with Baby Breath Bouquet

    Sunflowers with Baby Breath Bouquet

    You can expect to receive an amazing response when you send this gorgeous bouquet of flowers. The bouquet contains five stems of sunflowers in addition to baby breath and an assortment of seasonal foliage. Ultimately, these flowers create a feeling of fantasy. They are the ideal addition to a present for a romantic holiday, but they can also represent appreciation and friendship. The bold colors are sure to delight. Learn More
  34. Peonies with Vase

    Peonies with Vase

    Peonies look stunning on every occasion, but we have a bouquet that your Dad, Mum, sister, brother, child or significant other will love. Order our Peonies with Vase to see just how beautiful these luscious flowers can be, standing tall in a glass vase. Present your loved one with a lovely birthday or Mother’s Day present. Learn More
  35. Mini Spray Roses Bouquet

    Mini Spray Roses Bouquet

    Roses are always a great gift idea to show your feelings and emotions to your the people you care about. Spray roses are all sweet and cute, which make it perfect to be a multipurpose gift, whether you're showing your love or sending thanks. Learn More
  36. Mini Eustoma Bouquet

    Mini Eustoma Bouquet

    Eustomas are rereminiscent of happiness, joy and peace, which makes them a perfect gift for your special someone. Show your loved one your admiration and appreciation with this simple and elegant eustoma bouquet today. Learn More
  37. Pink Roses Only Bouquet

    Pink Roses Only Bouquet

    Pink is the color symbolic of grace and elegance, and roses carry great meaning. Our Pink Roses Only Bouquet offer a sense of sweet romance, appreciation and gratitude. Express your admiration with 12, 24, or 36 beautiful stems, which are perfect for saying thank you or for welcoming a new baby into the world. Get it right this year with this beautiful present. Learn More
  38. Mixed Purple Roses with Vase

    Mixed Purple Roses with Vase

    Purple flowers are majestic and royal, and roses add an air of elegance to a gift. The Mixed Purple Roses with Vase offers gorgeous presentation in a glass vase and surrounded by seasonal foliage. Your loved one will have no trouble finding a spot to display this bouquet, which is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or as a get well soon present. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$90.00

    Special Price S$81.00

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  39. Pink Eustoma with Vase

    Pink Eustoma with Vase

    The calming nature of the pink eustoma flower is unbeatable. This is what makes our Pink Eustoma with Vase such a popular choice.The presentation of these flowers invokes love and happiness, making it the perfect gift for a holiday or just an everyday treasure. Your recipient will love our Season’s Best pink eustomas presented in a clear glass vase and ready for display. Learn More
  40. Pink Eustoma Bouquet

    Pink Eustoma Bouquet

    Eustoma is a flower intended to represent calmness and thoughtfulness. Our Pink Eustoma Bouquet offers a gorgeous gift for an anniversary, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. This is a simple bouquet featuring pink eustoma that is elegant and aromatic, offering a warm and crisp pink hue. Our stylish bouquet arrives ready for display for a holiday gift or special occasion. Learn More
  41. Mixed Gerberas Bouquet

    Mixed Gerberas Bouquet

    Gerberas are reminiscent of innocence and purity, making them a beautiful gift for somebody you deeply care about. This is why our Mixed Gerberas Bouquet is so popular. Order our gerbera bouquet with two or three colors, with 22 to 36 stems of gorgeous flowers. These bright flowers are sure to bring a warm and radiant smile to your loved one’s face. This is a truly heartwarming gift just perfect for Mom, Dad, son, daughter or friend. Learn More
  42. Gerberas, Lilies & Eustoma Bouquet

    Gerberas, Lilies & Eustoma Bouquet

    Are you looking for a beautiful and bright floral arrangement to send that someone special for an upcoming event? The Gerberas, Lilies & Eustoma Bouquet is the perfect choice. This pretty bouquet includes gorgeous gerberas and seasonal foliage to brighten up any room for Mother’s Day, an anniversary or a romantic celebration. It is sure to add a taste of intrigue and delight to anyone’s day. Learn More
  43. Gerberas Bouquet

    Gerberas Bouquet

    A beautiful bouquet of vibrant gerberas perfect for expressing cheerful sentiments.

    Surprise someone special with a bouquet and bring a smile to their face. Learn More

  44. Yellow Roses & Eustoma With Vase

    Yellow Roses & Eustoma With Vase

    Save your recipient the trouble of finding a vase by sending our Yellow Roses & Eustoma with Vase to somebody you care about. This gift is presented in a clear glass vase, perfect for an office or home. Yellow roses, often symbolic of friendship, are presented surrounded by green eustoma. This makes it the ideal gift for a birthday, holiday or congratulatory event. Learn More
  45. Elegant Lilies Flower Bouquet

    Elegant Lilies Flower Bouquet

    Lilies are commonly associated with elegance and grace, so sending them to somebody you care about delivers a strong message. Our Elegant Lilies Flower Bouquet is not only beautiful, but the arrangement also offers the pleasant aroma of white lilies, eustoma and gorgeous seasonal foliage that will warm up any home or office instantly. Send this delightful bouquet for Valentine’s Day, to celebrate an anniversary or to wish your beloved a very happy birthday. Learn More
  46. Mixed Lilies Bouquet

    Mixed Lilies Bouquet

    If you are looking for a stunning presentation for that special someone in your life, consider our Mixed Lilies Bouquet, a classic gift with pink lilies and the season’s freshest foliage. If you are looking for the perfect gift to embody elegance and purity, you won’t find anything classier. Seasonal foliage makes each lily stand out, creating the ideal bouquet for a new baby, birthday or as a get well soon present. Learn More
  47. Mixed Eustoma with Vase

    Mixed Eustoma with Vase

    Add some cheer to somebody’s day by purchasing this bold Mixed Eustoma with Vase gift. Send your loved one a vase of eustoma surrounded by seasonal foliage in a glass vase to show how much you care. Eustoma’s association with gratitude make this the perfect thank you gift. The charismatic flower is also perfect for expressing love and acceptance of somebody new in your life. This bouquet will surely make your loved one’s day. Learn More
  48. Elegant Flower Arrangement in Vase

    Elegant Flower Arrangement in Vase

    Are you looking for something majestic and stylish to display at home? Perhaps you are looking for the perfect romantic present for your significant other. Our Elegant Flower Arrangement in Vase offers stunning blooms of white roses and pink mini roses, presented in a glass vase. Send it to home or work to create a special surprise for that special someone. Learn More
  49. Pink Roses with Vase

    Pink Roses with Vase

    The beauty of a pink rose, which expresses adoration and admiration, is never overstated. Our Pink Roses with Vase comes with 12 beautiful stems of Season’s Best pink roses. The beauty of this gift will take your recipient’s breath away, providing gorgeous blooms and a smile. It all arrives in a clear glass vase, ready for display on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or a birthday. Learn More
  50. Pink and White Roses with Vase

    Pink and White Roses with Vase

    Pink roses, symbolic of adoration and grace, pair well with the elegance and purity of white roses. This is why we love our Pink and White Roses with Vase arrangement, which is beautifully arranged to provide hours of beautiful atmosphere. All 12 stems offer luscious blooms for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or simply just because. Learn More
  51. Delightful Carnations Bouquet

    Delightful Carnations Bouquet

    Carnations are one of the most cherished, meaningful flowers to send somebody you care about. We think our Delightful Carnations Bouquet is the perfect way to show your loved one that they are in your thoughts. Red carnations are the perfect flower for that special someone, especially when surrounded by beautiful white roses and lilies. The arrangement is truly majestic, delivered in matching red paper and an elegant ribbon. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$125.00

    Special Price S$112.00

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  52. Red Roses & White Lilies in Vase

    Red Roses & White Lilies in Vase

    Look forward to sending your loved one 12 stunning long-stemmed roses in passionate red with our Red Roses & White Lilies in Vase. Each rose is surrounded by gorgeous white lilies, presented in a glass vase that will leave your loved one enamored. Send this luxurious vase of flowers to somebody you love for a birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day. This is a gift fit for a queen. Learn More
  53. Beautiful Pink Roses With Vase

    Beautiful Pink Roses With Vase

    Who doesn’t want to receive a beautiful rose on a special day? Send along a delicate flower with our Beautiful Roses with Vase as a token of your love and care. These pink roses, representing gentle elegance, are perfect for the office or a home display. Premium pink roses will arrive at your recipient’s home or office in a clear glass vase, surrounded by seasonal foliage. It is a delightful gift to send somebody as a congratulations or simply because you care. Learn More
  54. Fresh Cut of Roses & Tulips Bouquet

    Fresh Cut of Roses & Tulips Bouquet

    Did you know that tulips are the flower symbolizing the 11th wedding anniversary? Each tulip has it’s own unique meaning, and when mixed with roses they provide a dazzling appearance. Our Fresh Cut of Roses & Tulips Bouquet offers a stunning presentation of premium tulips and fresh roses surrounded by seasonal foliage. Learn More
  55. Mixed Color Gerberas with Vase

    Mixed Color Gerberas with Vase

    Gerberas are flowers symbolizing cheerfulness and innocence, and they come in a wide range of colors. This makes them a popular flower to send as a casual gift. Our Mixed Color Gerberas with Vase is a fantastic gift that includes either 10 or 20 stems. These bright flowers will feel just like sunshine when they arrive in their clear glass vase alongside a complimentary message card. Learn More
  56. White Roses Purity Bouquet

    White Roses Purity Bouquet

    A stunning bouquet for your loved one. A must have bouquet for the roses lover!

    Learn More
  57. Roses & Mini Roses with Vase

    Roses & Mini Roses with Vase

    Roses and mini roses are gorgeous together, and they bring warmth and joy to everybody who sees them. Send these Roses & Mini Roses with Vase for a stunning gift anybody is going to appreciate. The roses in white symbolize spirituality and peace, making it a fine choice to show sympathy. The mini roses in pink also show friendship and appreciation, making it great for a birthday or Mother’s Day. Learn More
  58. Elegant Roses & Eustoma Centerpiece

    Elegant Roses & Eustoma Centerpiece

    A gift representing hope and purity never goes out of style. Send our Elegant Roses & Eustoma Centerpiece to your loved one today. This beautiful centerpiece included our Season’s Best Pink Roses, Purple Eustoma, Hydrangeas and White Tulips that are meaningful and stunning. Perfect for office arrangement. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$129.00

    Special Price S$110.00

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  59. Mixed Tulips in Vase

    Mixed Tulips in Vase

    Tulips are a flower commonly associated with friendship and positivity. Tulips are among the most cheerful flowers available, so it only makes sense that our Mixed Tulips in Vase is such a popular option. Our stunning arrangement of 16 - 20 stems makes a gorgeous bouquet you can gift for any occasion, whether it is a birthday, holiday or congratulatory event. Plus, it comes in a beautiful glass vase. Learn More

    Regular Price: S$99.00

    Special Price S$89.00

    Add to Cart Quick View
  60. Mixed Yellow Roses with Vase

    Mixed Yellow Roses with Vase

    Yellow roses are more than elegant; they are also meaningful. A yellow rose symbolizes friendship and joy. Spread this cheer with our Mixed Yellow Roses with Vase gift, featuring gorgeous blooms surrounded by seasonal foliage. The clear glass vase looks fantastic no matter where you choose to display it, and it offers the best way to express adoration to Mom, the wish to get well soon or to welcome a new baby. Learn More
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New Baby


Celebrating a new member in the family is undoubtedly one of the most joyous occasions. Congratulate the smitten new parents with a delightful flower arrangement, and show your utmost support for this period of routine changes and creating happy memories.

Whether the new baby is a boy or a girl, flowers are always a wonderful and refreshing gift to give. Here, Gift Flowers SG is more than happy to offer you just the right guidance to send the perfect flowers to the new family’s doorstep.

Here are a few of our favorite floral arrangements to welcome a new family member into the world:

  • Our Mixed Eustoma with Vase is a great choice for the family, and its cheerful colors will add extra joy and color to their home.
  • The Boxed Hydrangea with Chocolate includes flowers and a special treat for the new parents.
  • Our Roses & Mini Roses with Vase makes for a gorgeous arrangement to send to congratulate new parents on the arrival of their new addition to the family.
  • The Boxed Pink & White Roses with Sophie & Chocolate is a little extra something to send the new parents. Not only does it include flowers and chocolates for mom and dad, but it also includes a teething toy for the little one. This is could also be a great gift if you have a baby shower to attend.


Welcome the New Baby with Flower Power from Gift Flowers SG


As your number one online florist in Singapore, Gift Flowers SG is devoted to providing you with brilliant customer service. We are proud to present to you not only stunningly beautiful floral arrangements, we will also help you customise your dream flowers and attend to all delivery needs, just in time to celebrate with the new baby.


Gift Flowers SG brings to you the freshest and highest quality flowers in every individual floral arrangement. We take steps to ensure that gifts are tailored to your every need and adjust accordingly.


Order from Your Flower Experts Today


Getting your magnificent flower gift today cannot be any easier. Log on to our website and browse our wide range of beautiful flowers, perfect for celebrating the arrival of a new baby. Order online now for the ideal gift and put a smile on the new parents’ faces.