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Mother's Day Flowers

This Mother’s Day, surprise your mother with a stunning arrangement of flowers delivered straight to her door and express your appreciation and unconditional love for her.

Choose from our wide collection of Mother’s Day gifts to send her a perfect floral arrangement this Mother’s Day. You can make this day extra special by combining your flower arrangement with a lovely gift of wine, chocolates, a message card or spa vouchers and make this Mother’s Day a day to remember.

Sending flowers on Mothers’ Day is customary throughout many parts of the world. The day is meant to celebrate the deep connection between a mother and child. Of course, nothing expresses love like spending time with the people you care about. Still, it is always nice to have a physical token of your love. In this case, arranging a beautiful bouquet of flowers is a great idea to express your message of love and compassion. After all, what says love like sending something beautiful to your mother? As Singapore’s premier online florist, we offer many choices that your mother will simply adore.

Why Send Flowers for Mothers’ Day?

Sending flowers to your mom on this special holiday sends the strong message that you care about her. Even if you cannot be with her physically on that day, you can send a token of your love to remind your mother that she is in your thoughts.

It is also a good idea to send flowers for the holiday as a way to say thank you for all the years your mother has taken care of you. Of course, there are many different ways to show your appreciation for all that hard work and dedication; however, flowers are a beautiful reminder of the life she brought into the world to be nurtured for years to come.

What are the flowers for Mothers’ Day?

If you are looking for vibrant colours, gerberas are the perfect option. They are bright and beautiful, reminiscent of the way you view the special lady in your life. If a bouquet with a little more contrast will look beautiful on your mother’s dining room table, consider sending a beautiful bouquet of pink roses with carnations. For a more casual look, sunflowers might be your best bet. One of the most beautiful flowers in the market is surely the purple orchid. Instead of sending your mother a bouquet, perhaps you should celebrate the holiday with an elegant orchid arrangement in yellow or magenta. There is really no way to go wrong.

If you want to try some new things this year, consider sending a vase arrangement or one of our signature boxed flowers instead of a bouquet. You will find plenty of options on our online platform, including long-stemmed roses and carnations. Your mother will be so excited to have a permanent keepsake to remind her of your wonderful gift.

What could accompany flowers better than a delicious box of chocolate? Show your mother that you love her by sending her a treat that is really sweet. Or why not send her a luxury spa voucher and let her enjoy the day feeling relaxed and pampered.

How to order Mother's Day Flowers in Singapore?

Our team of expert florists have come together to create beautiful and elegant arrangements that your mother will fall in love with. We strive to create diversity in our floral arrangements, ensuring that you can find the perfect bouquet for every occasion. Your mother will feel truly special on her holiday this year.

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