Flower Type

  1. Roses (37)
  2. Lilies (10)
  3. Tulips (9)
  4. Gerberas (7)
  5. Eustoma (14)
  6. Others (34)
  1. S$0.00 and above (86)
Number of stems
  1. 2 Stems (1)
  2. 3 Stems (1)
  3. 12 Stems (3)
  4. 24 Stems (3)
  5. 36 Stems (3)
  6. 50 Stems (3)
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Type of Flower


Choosing the right flowers for someone is vital. This wonderful gesture helps to get your message across to the people you care about most, and shows your consideration and love towards them. Roses send a romantic message to your beloved, while sweet daisies and gerberas send a warm message to your family and friends. 

Not sure which flowers to choose? Fear not, because Gift Flowers SG is here to offer you the greatest advice on what type of flowers would best suit your designated recipient for this wondrous occasion.

Here are some of our favorite arrangements you should consider sending:

  • Our Pink Purple Orchid Tea Cup Set is a great choice for a family member or friend. Orchids symbolize grace, love, strength and beauty. These flowers are delicate and exotic, but they have great meaning.
  • The Seasonal Peonies Bouquet is simple, beautiful, and majestic. As the traditional flower of China, the peony is both a symbol of prosperity and honor, making it the perfect honorific for that special someone.
  • Our Single Rose with Spa Gift is just perfect for a bit of romance. The rose has always been a symbol of love and passion, and your beloved will be thrilled with this gift set.
  • Our Mixed Gerberas Bouquet will leave your special someone beaming, as these flowers are a cheerful symbol of innocence and purity. They are the perfect gift for events such as Mother’s Day or to celebrate the birth of a child.


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