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  1. Mixed Tulips Bouquet

    Mixed Tulips Bouquet

    Are you looking for a stunning hand-tied bouquet of delicate tulips to surprise somebody you care about? Our Mixed Tulips Bouquet is the perfect choice. Tulips are always stylish and cheerful. Our seasonal blooms are professionally arranged with 18 to 24 stems in three gorgeous colors. Send this gorgeous gift for an anniversary, birthday, holiday or just because you feel like it. Learn More

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  2. Lavish Purple Roses Bouquet

    Lavish Purple Roses Bouquet

    Purple never goes out of style, and this bouquet is the proof. Purple roses and tulips combine to create a compelling bouquet that spells out admiration. Sending this arrangement of flowers sends the message that you truly care. Learn More
  3. Tulips & Thai Mokara Orchids Bouquet

    Tulips & Thai Mokara Orchids Bouquet

    Orchids are exotic and magnificent in their own right. What happens when you pair gorgeous Thai Mokara orchids with the casual and friendly tulip? You get our Tulips & Thai Mokara Orchids Bouquet, of course. The beautiful arrangement offers a generous number of flowers, each one elegant and spectacular. The purple and orange colors of the bouquet are not to be missed in this truly stunning piece of art. Learn More

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  4. Mixed Ranunculus & Tulips Bouquet

    Mixed Ranunculus & Tulips Bouquet

    Gerberas, a cheerful flower representing innocence, are the perfect match for carnations. These bright blooms, part of our Mixed Gerberas and Carnations Bouquet, offer radiant flowers that make for a heartwarming gift for an anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or simply just because. The variety of colors and mixed seasonal foliage is a fantastic way to share your love and appreciation with somebody you care about. Learn More

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  5. Forest Fantasy

    Forest Fantasy

    Sending a unique bouquet does not have to be difficult. This is a beauty that you will not find just anywhere, featuring leucospermum, tulips, and more. These blooms are colorful and lush, resting on seasonal foliage. Show your loved one that you want them to have a great holiday or special occasion with this bouquet. It is the perfect present for somebody who does not lean toward the most traditional choices. This bouquet stands out in a crowd. Learn More

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  6. Tulips & Snapdragon with Vase

    Tulips & Snapdragon with Vase

    Tulips offer a variety of meanings, from true love to cheerfulness. Snapdragons are representative of grace, strength and resiliency. Alongside snapdragons, tulips look elegant and stylish. Our Tulips & Snapdragon with Vase offers a majestic display for the home or office. The glass vase is presentable for an anniversary or other celebration. Honor somebody’s birthday with a special bouquet they are sure to love. Learn More
  7. Garden of Eden

    Garden of Eden

    When you think of flowers, you might not consider the cooler colors on the wheel. This arrangement includes blue hydrangea mixed with the dramatic hyacinth. This is all paired against the light bed of yellow roses and tulips. This creates a complementary bouquet that looks fantastic no matter where it is on display. The foliage offers a sense of completion on this full bouquet. Learn More

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  8. Colorful Tulips Bouquet

    Colorful Tulips Bouquet

    Are you looking for a gorgeous bouquet of seasonal tulips for that special someone in your life? The Colorful Tulips Bouquet offers 20 to 24 stems of varying colors, all hand-tied by a professional florist and seasoned with other foliage. This is the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or a birthday, ensuring that whoever receives it will absolutely fall in love with it. Learn More
  9. Mixed Tulips in Vase

    Mixed Tulips in Vase

    Tulips are a flower commonly associated with friendship and positivity. Tulips are among the most cheerful flowers available, so it only makes sense that our Mixed Tulips in Vase is such a popular option. Our stunning arrangement of 16 - 20 stems makes a gorgeous bouquet you can gift for any occasion, whether it is a birthday, holiday or congratulatory event. Plus, it comes in a beautiful glass vase. Learn More

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  10. Tulips in Round Flower Box

    Tulips in Round Flower Box

    A symbol of simple love, charity, paradise on earth, heavenly and reminder of the passion of life. Send your warm love and regards with our sun-kissed tulips to captivate the admiration of your loved ones. Learn More
  11. Fresh Cut of Roses & Tulips Bouquet

    Fresh Cut of Roses & Tulips Bouquet

    Did you know that tulips are the flower symbolizing the 11th wedding anniversary? Each tulip has it’s own unique meaning, and when mixed with roses they provide a dazzling appearance. Our Fresh Cut of Roses & Tulips Bouquet offers a stunning presentation of premium tulips and fresh roses surrounded by seasonal foliage. Learn More
  12. Tulips & Eustoma Bouquet

    Tulips & Eustoma Bouquet

    Pink tulips carry a less romantic meaning than red ones, and thus are suitable for new couples to symbolise the start of their relationship. This spring favourite is also lovely for Mother's Day, birthdays and various other occasions as they represent caring and affection. Learn More
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Tulips have a unique look that gives it a simple and elegant appeal. These flowers come in all sorts of vibrant colours and are definitely the go-to flowers to cheer someone up on a bad day. Show your love and consideration for others with a wonderful bouquet of tulips.

These graceful flowers come in a wide array of colours, each with their own unique symbolism. Yellow tulips are a connotation of cheerfulness and sunshine, while white tulips signify purity and innocence. Pink tulips mean sweetness and affection while orange tulips show health and passion. Red tulips are among the favourites, symbolising true and perfect love. At Gift Flowers SG, we make sure that you get the right tulips for the right occasion.

Here are just a few of our favorite tulip arrangements:

  • Our Colorful Tulips Bouquet is simply beautiful. This stunning arrangement includes 20 to 24 stems of tulips in a variety of colors, all surrounded by seasonal foliage.
  • Our elegant and tasteful Tulips & Snapdragon with Vase arrangement is stylish and ready for display. You will receive the season’s best flowers with a clear glass vase.
  • Our Mixed Ranunculus & Tulips Bouquet is perfect for any occasion, including Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even just because.
  • The Fresh Cut of Roses & Tulips Bouquet is simply stunning. In addition to fresh seasonal flowers, this bouquet can also arrive with a side of champagne or rich chocolates.


Choose your Tulips from Gift Flowers SG


Gift Flowers SG is the number one online florist in Singapore committed to providing customers with outstanding service that will leave you satisfied. Relish in our fantastic range of beautiful tulip arrangements and easily get them customised to suit your taste.

Our fresh tulips are carefully chosen among the best blooms available all year round, and are perfect to be put on display. Send your tulips to your loved ones to show your love and care for them.


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Visit our website for fantastic tulip gifts and order online today completely hassle free. We offer free shipping within Singapore and our users can easily track deliveries so be assured that your flowers will be delivered at the right time.

Show how much you care and send your delightful flower gift today.