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  1. Yellow Calla Lilies & Matthiolas Bouquet

    Yellow Calla Lilies & Matthiolas Bouquet

    The yellow calla lily is representative of gratitude, which makes this floral arrangement a lovely way to show appreciation. With this arrangement, you will find five stems of Season’s Best calla lilies in hues of yellow resting alongside freesias and matthiolas. These flowers sit on a bed of seasonal foliage that adds to the atmosphere of the bouquet. This cheerful bouquet sends a strong message. Your recipient will know exactly how you feel. Learn More

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  2. Cheerful Gerberas & Lilies Flower Stand

    Cheerful Gerberas & Lilies Flower Stand

    The right floral stand can send a message of excitement and fun. This stand appears almost tropical, offering orange gerberas that pair well with the elegant spray of white lilies. The giant leaves provide a lovely background. The flowers match fantastically and the seasonal foliage provides the perfect accompaniment. Learn More
  3. Graceful Gerberas & Lilies Flower Stand

    Graceful Gerberas & Lilies Flower Stand

    Flower stands can send meaningful messages to loved ones near and far, and the Graceful Gerberas & Lilies Flower Stand is no exception. This flower stand boasts pale pink gerberas matched with seasonal flowers in deep purple. Lilies are added to the flower stand as a lovely accent. All these flowers rest on a bed of green foliage for a forest green backdrop. Learn More
  4. Grand Opening Flower Stand

    Grand Opening Flower Stand

    If you are looking for the perfect flower stand for a corporate event, grand opening or other special occasion, the Grand Opening Flower Stand is for you. The grandeur of this flower stand is heightened by the mix of gerberas, delphinium, birds of paradise and hydrangeas, all surrounded by seasonal foliage. Send one to a business partner, family member or friend to congratulate them on something special. Learn More

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  5. Yellow Lilies Bouquet

    Yellow Lilies Bouquet

    Yellow lilies symbolize remembrance, making it the perfect choice for a number of special holidays. The yellow lily offers a refined sense of sweetness, which makes this bouquet ideal for so many occasions. They can help to remember a loved one who is gone, or they can show appreciation for a favor or job well done. For many, the yellow lily offers a sense of solemnity and grace. This group of 10 to 15 stems creates an alluring but sweet bouquet. Learn More
  6. Elegant Lilies Flower Bouquet

    Elegant Lilies Flower Bouquet

    Lilies are commonly associated with elegance and grace, so sending them to somebody you care about delivers a strong message. Our Elegant Lilies Flower Bouquet is not only beautiful, but the arrangement also offers the pleasant aroma of white lilies, eustoma and gorgeous seasonal foliage that will warm up any home or office instantly. Send this delightful bouquet for Valentine’s Day, to celebrate an anniversary or to wish your beloved a very happy birthday. Learn More
  7. Gerberas, Lilies & Eustoma Bouquet

    Gerberas, Lilies & Eustoma Bouquet

    Are you looking for a beautiful and bright floral arrangement to send that someone special for an upcoming event? The Gerberas, Lilies & Eustoma Bouquet is the perfect choice. This pretty bouquet includes gorgeous gerberas and seasonal foliage to brighten up any room for Mother’s Day, an anniversary or a romantic celebration. It is sure to add a taste of intrigue and delight to anyone’s day. Learn More
  8. White Lilies Bouquet

    White Lilies Bouquet

    This bunch of white lilies will be well loved by those who appreciates minimalism; just six stems are enough for a sizeable bouquet, as their petals open up wide to resemble a star. Not only do they look simple, they also symbolise purity, modesty and innocence. Together with the soothing scent of eucalyptus, this arrangement brings about a sense of tranquility. Learn More
  9. Elegant Flower Arrangement in Vase

    Elegant Flower Arrangement in Vase

    Are you looking for something majestic and stylish to display at home? Perhaps you are looking for the perfect romantic present for your significant other. Our Elegant Flower Arrangement in Vase offers stunning blooms of white roses and pink mini roses, presented in a glass vase. Send it to home or work to create a special surprise for that special someone. Learn More
  10. Premium White Lilies Bouquet

    Premium White Lilies Bouquet

    Lilies can be a somber flower, but they do not have to be. Lilies can also be used to celebrate love, life, and so much more. In addition to the majestic lilies, this bouquet also offers luscious peonies. With the seasonal foliage as a lovely bed, the lilies appear even more spectacular. Learn More
  11. White Lilies & Alstroemeria Bouquet

    White Lilies & Alstroemeria Bouquet

    When you think about peaceful flowers, the first one to spring to mind is the lily. Resting on a bed of white alstroemeria, the lilies present a feeling of acceptance and appreciation. This bouquet represents quiet elegance, but it is the perfect present for somebody you care about. Lilies, exactly like the ones included in this bouquet, can represent devotion and humility. You can also send them for occasions like funerals, but many people appreciate them as decor too. Learn More
  12. White Lilies Flower Bouquet

    White Lilies Flower Bouquet

    A beautiful combination of flowers can express a wonderful message of love, admiration and peace. Our White Lilies Flower Bouquet sends a positive message with its white lilies and pure eustomas, each of which is pure and graceful in its perfection. White lilies are symbolic of devotion and humility. This perfect gift is excellent for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or any other holiday. Learn More
  13. White Lilies with Vase

    White Lilies with Vase

    Lilies have the power to say it all. Our White Lilies with Vase arrive with a beautiful presentation that can turn anyone’s day around in a moment’s notice. This gift includes gorgeous white lilies surrounded by seasonal foliage in a clear glass vase. The white lily is often a symbol of mother’s undying love, making it a great gift for Mother’s Day, but it is also a wonderful gift for an anniversary, birthday or new baby Learn More
  14. Red Roses & Calla Lilies with Vase

    Red Roses & Calla Lilies with Vase

    Are you looking for something bright and bold to send to somebody you love? We think our Red Roses & Cala Lily with Vase is a fantastic choice. Your loved one will receive gorgeous cala lilies and roses at their doorstep, perfect for showing off at home or the office. Can you imagine the look on their face when they see all 12 stems of lush red blooms, interspersed with majestic white ones? Learn More

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  15. Delightful Carnations Bouquet

    Delightful Carnations Bouquet

    Carnations are one of the most cherished, meaningful flowers to send somebody you care about. We think our Delightful Carnations Bouquet is the perfect way to show your loved one that they are in your thoughts. Red carnations are the perfect flower for that special someone, especially when surrounded by beautiful white roses and lilies. The arrangement is truly majestic, delivered in matching red paper and an elegant ribbon. Learn More

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  16. Red Roses & White Lilies in Vase

    Red Roses & White Lilies in Vase

    Look forward to sending your loved one 12 stunning long-stemmed roses in passionate red with our Red Roses & White Lilies in Vase. Each rose is surrounded by gorgeous white lilies, presented in a glass vase that will leave your loved one enamored. Send this luxurious vase of flowers to somebody you love for a birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day. This is a gift fit for a queen. Learn More
  17. Pink Lilies & Roses Bouquet

    Pink Lilies & Roses Bouquet

    What speaks louder than a stunning bouquet? Our Pink Lilies & Roses Bouquet offers long stems of 50 centimeters with premium blooms symbolizing elegance and purity. Our lovely pink lilies complement the elegant roses and seasonal foliage. Send this gorgeous bouquet for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or even just because you feel like sending a positive message to somebody you care about. Learn More
  18. Mixed Lilies Bouquet

    Mixed Lilies Bouquet

    If you are looking for a stunning presentation for that special someone in your life, consider our Mixed Lilies Bouquet, a classic gift with pink lilies and the season’s freshest foliage. If you are looking for the perfect gift to embody elegance and purity, you won’t find anything classier. Seasonal foliage makes each lily stand out, creating the ideal bouquet for a new baby, birthday or as a get well soon present. Learn More
  19. Pink Roses & White Lilies in Vase

    Pink Roses & White Lilies in Vase

    Gift Flowers Singapore makes it easy to access a fine selection of beautiful flowers, and our Pink Roses & White Lilies in Vase is just one of the many examples. Your loved one will adore our beautiful roses and lilies that make this luscious arrangement come to life. This bouquet includes 12 long-stemmed roses in shades of pink and beautiful white lilies, all delivered in a clear glass vase. Learn More
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Lilies date back in history and have some of the most versatile symbolisms among flowers, making them a popular gift to give. These delicate yet sophisticated looking blooms is a connotation of the Virgin Mary and is considered a virtuous symbol of innocence and purity. In Greek lore, it is also a majestic symbol for motherhood and motherly love.

Our glorious variety of lily arrangements and gifts are bound to leave you breathless with awe. Whether you choose to gift your loved one with a beautiful bouquet of lilies or a mixed bunch of delights, all of Gift Flowers SG’s gifts are sure to leave the recipient feeling loved and cared for.

Our favorite lily bouquets include:

  • White Lilies & Roses Centerpiece is one of our most sincere designs. This stunning bouquet comes with seasonal foliage and a clear glass vase perfect for displaying. These lilies convey sympathy and appreciation.
  • Our Elegant Lilies Flower Bouquet is graceful, giving off an air of purity. This is the perfect gift for any lily lover, and it also features beautiful eustoma.
  • The Mixed Lilies Bouquet is simply stunning. Your loved one will receive pink lilies amid seasonal foliage.
  • Our Red Roses & White Lilies in Vase is a great choice if you are looking for something romantic. It features 12 long-stemmed roses in addition to some of the season’s best white lilies. They come in a clear glass vase.


Lovely Lilies from Gift Flowers SG


Purchase your lilies at Gift Flowers SG, the top online florist in Singapore dedicated to providing customers with wonderful service. Browse our wide range of luscious lily arrangements and get them customised to suit the occasion.

Our delightful lilies are freshly chosen among the best blooms to ensure that they remain gorgeous when they arrive at the doorstep. Make your loved one feel extra special with a luscious lily gift today.


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Getting your magnificent lilies cannot be any simpler. Visit our website to browse our wide range of beautiful lily gifts, perfect for celebrating a special occasion with the one you love. Order online now for the ideal lily gift and show your loved one how much they mean to you.