The purpose of an office is not simply a place to get work done - it also plays a vital role in forming employee relationships and showcasing what kind of company you are to existing and potential clients. That’s why most companies invest a lot in their offices, planning even the tiniest detail - including decoration.

While typically indoor plants are not the default decoration item offices display, a flower arrangement will go a long way when it comes to brightening your office area, amongst lots of other benefits. Keep reading to learn all about flowers in the workspace.

Why you should invest in flowers for the office

1. They look amazing

There’s just something about flowers that make any environment more homey, cosy and inviting. The add a splash of colour and a tad of nature into confined or neutral-coloured spaces, and decoratively speaking, that’s really important. No matter where you choose to place them around the office or which variety of flowers you want to display, an elegant and graceful bouquet will always be a smart and classy decorative move.

2. Your staff and clients will love it

It’s all about enriching company culture, right? In order for your company to perform at its best, your employees need to be happy and appreciated. And a stunning floral arrangement can do just that! Who wouldn’t like to get off the elevator at their workplace and be greeted by flowers at reception? Or be delighted with a bouquet every time you come back to your desk? It’s guaranteed all employees will love it. But they are not the only ones who would appreciate the idea, as existent clients and potential new ones can also enjoy themselves with the beautiful sight.

3. Flowers may increase productivity

There are a couple of studies that suggest that having flowers in the office may aid with increased levels of productivity. It relates back to having something nice to look at and a reminder of the outdoors, and that can positively affect innovative thinking and problem solving. It kind of makes sense, though - the nicer the environment that surrounds you, the more you’ll be inclined to perform.

Where to place the floral arrangements

Now that we’ve covered the basics on why you should add some floral arrangements to your office, we can move on to the good stuff: where to place them around the workplace!

Even though it all comes down to personal taste, there are some specific areas of an office that are perfect to showcase a beautiful bouquet, as well as some areas that will desperately benefit from one.

1. Reception

There must be flowers at reception, and that’s non-negotiable. In fact, if you could choose only one place of the whole office to showcase a bouquet, it has to be at reception. The office’s entrance is an important part of any workscape, as it is where you’re greeted and welcomed, and there’s no better welcome than a beautiful floral arrangement. It also creates a wonderful first impression.

For reception, it’s better to choose a dramatic arrangement. Something bold, colourful, bright and full of life: something that reflects how you want people to feel when they come to your company.

2. Conference/meeting room


The conference room (or at least the main one, if there’s more than one) should also have some type of floral arrangement, either boxed or simply a vase of flowers. Meeting rooms are usually where, obviously, meetings are held, often to exchange ideas. And because flowers are easy on the eye and may help with productivity, it makes sense to have a bouquet on the conference room.

Try to go more minimalistic for the meeting room - you want to grace the room with the presence of flowers, however, you don’t want them to be a distraction in a space that is designed to brainstorm ideas related to the business. Try a smaller arrangement on the same tones, or a couple of long-stemmed flowers, such as carnations, calla lilies or orchids.

3. Kitchen and bathroom

This is definitely more optional - however, there are indoor plants that thrive in kitchens and bathrooms. Ultimately, it’ll come down to your office style, how the areas are laid out and if there’s enough space for flowers - but note that if your office has an open plan kitchen space with the tables overlooking the kitchen bench, a flower arrangement could look absolutely fantastic.

4. Windows

Make the most out of the sunrays and outside views and place a flower arrangement in a couple of windowsills. Providing they don't get constant, harsh sun, that’s the perfect spot for a bouquet, as employees can take the views in while also getting a glimpse of the stunning flowers.

Flower arrangements can surely brighten up your office and add vitality and beauty in a matter of seconds, and with little effort. Just a couple of arrangements across the office will make a huge positive difference in the overall office environment, especially from the employee’s perspective.

Here at Gift Flowers Singapore, we are passionate about everything flower-related. We’ll be delighted to help your office look amazing - so if you’re keen about getting any sort of floral arrangement, don’t hesitate to contact us.