Life is filled with special occasions to celebrate, from a career promotion or purchase of a new house to an engagement, wedding, or baby. There are so many milestones in life that are worthy of congratulations, and it’s during these special moments that we can show our loved ones how much we care. What better way to congratulate than with flowers? Different flowers signify different things, which means you can tailor your offering to the recipient being congratulated. Here’s your guide to choosing the right flowers to congratulate the right person.


Roses aren’t just symbols of love and affection, they can mean many things. Yellow roses denote joy while white roses signify purity and innocence. What better flower to say congratulations for a newborn baby or an adoption? Traditionally, while giving 12 roses is the ultimate expression of love, 25 roses convey congratulations.


Daisies are used in expressions of friendship. This makes them perfect for congratulating accomplishments such as sporting events and graduations.


Daffodils can denote new beginnings and rebirth. This makes them appropriate for changes in life, such as a new job or a new house. Make sure to give a bunch, though. A single daffodil can be a sign of bad fortune ahead. You don’t want to give the wrong idea!


A tulip can signify many things, including fame. This flower might be appropriate to celebrate the achievement of fame of some sort, perhaps for a successful public speaking event or performing as the lead in a show. It doesn’t have to be “real” fame, either. Tulips can be given as a tongue-in-cheek congratulations on the achieving of even a small bit of fifteen minutes.


Carnations are a complicated flower, with each colour signifying different things. Love, pride, admiration, love of a mother, unpredictability, and innocence are just a few of the different concepts embodied by carnations. This makes them a good option for any number of occasions, such as an engagement, an accomplishment, or a new birth. They work especially well for mothers and parents to give to their children. A striped carnation can signify rejection, however, so that might be a type to avoid.


Traditionally, pink is a colour used to celebrate the birth of a girl. Pink lilies are a great option since they are vibrant and fun. If traditional gender norms aren’t your thing, white lilies stand for innocence, which a newborn baby certainly possesses.


Exotic flowers are always a fun choice when congratulating someone since they are not a commonly gifted flower. They can also symbolise pride and maturity, so feel free to give orchids for accomplishments like graduations or bar mitzvahs. Orchids go well with chrysanthemums and violets to make a gorgeous bouquet.


Lilacs can stand for youthful innocence, humility, charity, and first love, while also signifying the coming of spring. They’re a wonderful flower to give during that season for any occasion, especially those involving love. The lilac is the 8th-anniversary flower, so keep an eye on how long your friends and family have been married.

These are just some of the most popular choices. You could opt to go off the beaten path and choose less traditional flowers. There are so many combinations and variations you could go with.

Some other things you’ll want to keep in mind:

What is the person’s favorite colour? Do they have a favourite kind of flower? Do the flowers suit the occasion?  If the person to whom you’re giving the flowers hates red and detests carnations, they might think your intentions aren’t good if you give them red carnations. Are there any little details you could add to personalise the arrangement?


Don’t forget to fill out the little card offering your congratulations. That’s a key part of the experience. The flowers show your loved ones how much you care while the little note expresses it. Besides, how will someone know that the flowers were from you? You can also add things like little balloons or candy to spruce up any bouquet. Since we’re dealing with happy occasions, stick to bright colours like yellow and blue to keep it festive. Try and think of little details to personalise the gift, as well. If your congratulations are for a school accomplishment, see if you can incorporate school items like pencils or books into the bouquet. If it’s a musical accomplishment like a successful recital or reaching a new piano grade, try getting some musical notes in there.

Big or small, nothing says congratulations like a bouquet of flowers. They always tend to bring joy to the recipient’s day. Use the above guide to pick the perfect arrangement for your friends and family as they celebrate their milestones.