Flowers have the power to brighten up our day. Their beauty, delicacy, and scent are a powerful tool that can lift everyone’s spirit in a heartbeat. For centuries, flowers have been associated with magnificence and splendour, but the effect on human behaviour they can create is not just related to their scent and shape, but also their colour.

There’s a whole explanation and meaning behind every flower hue, which has the ability to evoke a different emotional response just by looking at it. Keep reading to learn about the psychology behind every flower colour.

White flowers

White flowers symbolise purity, elegance, innocence, modesty, and new beginnings. It’s a classic and timeless colour that evokes beauty. Perhaps mostly related to weddings, white flowers are usually present in flower bouquets. Some of the most typical are: white roses, gardenias, and lily of the valley. The latter was actually present in both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton’s wedding bouquet.

Yellow flowers

Yellow flowers are related to feelings of warmth, nourishment, illumination, and radiance, just like the sun. Yellow flowers can easily brighten up any bouquet, and that is also the feeling they can evoke in humans, exuding joy and a feeling of safe haven in the darkest of days. A mostly yellow bouquet can be a perfect gift for someone who is going through a tough time, or just to add a little bit of vitality to someone’s day. Yellow flowers, like a bouquet of sunflowers, are also a symbol of friendship.

Orange flowers

Orange flowers are all about good vibes and energy. They stimulate the mind, mixing qualities from yellow and red flowers, such as happiness, joy and optimism. This flower colour also symbolises truth and playfulness. That’s why they are perfect for birthdays, job promotions, graduation, kid’s parties and other celebrations. Orange flowers are all about having fun, free-spirited feelings and boldness.

Red flowers

Red flowers are all about passion, strength, determination, and overall powerful emotions - from love, lust and desire to complete anger. However, when it comes to flowers, red blossoms should be reserved almost exclusively for your significant other, as a way to show your love and appreciation, rather than contempt. Red roses have often been given in history as precious gifts for your lover on Valentine’s Day (February 14).

Pink flowers

Pink flowers are all about sweetness, innocence, grace, gentility, and femininity. It’s the perfect mixture between red flowers and white flowers, and can be used as a gift for that special someone in the early stages of your relationship. One of the great things about pink flowers is that they can come in a variety of hues, so it’s very easy to mix them in an exclusively pink bouquet without looking dull. It is perfect to celebrate a newlywed couple and for the female members of the family.

Purple flowers

As purple is the colour of royalty, purple flowers have been associated with monarchs throughout history. Evoking feelings of dignity, spirituality, elegance, pride, imagination, and success, purple flowers can also represent what’s exotic, admirable, and unique in the world. The reason behind this is because purple flowers are quite hard to find in nature, and are way less common than white or pink flowers. They can also come in a variety of intensities and hues, and pair nicely with foliage like this bunch of eustoma.

Blue flowers

Blue flowers represent honesty, trust, tranquility, calmness, peace, and serenity, just like the ocean or the sky above it. They are perfect to bring worries and troubles down. On the other hand, blue flowers can also have a connotation of sadness and loneliness, as the colour can be quite cold at times. However, it all depends which colour flowers are combined with for a heart-warming bouquet. Blue flowers are unique, and when present in arrangements, they are usually hydrangeas.

Green flowers

Green may be the colour of nature, leaves, bushes, branches, and trees, but there’s nothing ordinary about green flowers. They are the perfect combination to any other bloom colour, and are actually quite uncommon on their own. When present in a bouquet, they are usually coloured flowers that have not reached enough maturity to show their true colour. Green flowers represent tranquility, harmony, resilience, good luck, optimism, nature, fertility, health, and wellness - which makes them a great present for someone who has a new challenge ahead of them!

Which feelings do you wish to evoke?

As you can see, each colour evokes a different feeling and has a unique meaning behind it, especially when it comes to beautiful flowers. So next time you buy a bouquet, keep in mind what each colour means, and gift accordingly! And if you’re buying for yourself, why not match the mood you’re in that day, or the mood you’d like to have? Of course, the ultimate choice is up to you and what you find aesthetically more pleasing, however it is useful to know how colours have the possibility to affect one’s mood in a positive way.

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