We often hear about the festival of Thanksgiving, the speeches, the feasts and all the celebratory excitement that fills the air.


But what is Thanksgiving? To understand more about this festival, we first have to trace back to the year 1621. A group of people called the Pilgrims left their homes in England and travelled across the seas through very harsh conditions before they landed in the United States of America, a place where we call Massachusetts today. The wintry weather was bitterly cold and many Pilgrims suffered intense hunger.


Fortunately, the Native Americans taught them how to fish and farm, and the Pilgrims were finally able to have proper meals. After a successful harvest in November, the Pilgrims celebrated lavishly by having a feast with the Native Americans. The idea of being grateful and giving thanks for all the kind people we meet, and the opportunities we have and the accomplishments we make is central to the tradition of Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is not solely celebrated in the West, but also in Singapore. The feast is ultimately the most important aspect of this festival, and very symbolic to its meaning. Traditional Thanksgiving food like turkey, ham, casseroles, cornbread and pies are usually served at the table among family and friends. Some may even decide to go for a delicious buffet at the restaurant for a wider variety of specialized food. Whichever way they celebrate, the main idea is to give thanks and enjoy the wonderful occasion with loved ones.


To show how much you appreciate you friends and family, the little gestures do best. Help out at the kitchen, share some fun and laughs, or best of all, bring some beautiful flowers to the table to set the festive mood. We have three special gift flowers, perfect for the occasion. Read on for our best recommendations!


White Romance

If you’re looking for something simple but precious, White Romance is just the gift for you. This box of elegant, snow white roses will complement any dinner table without taking up too much space. A symbol of purity, truth and hope, it is perfect for Thanksgiving in which we are honest with ourselves and hopeful towards our future. Choose a standard box for a small family dinner at the price of S$79.00 or a large box for S$129.00. Box colours come in soft pink, cool blue or stylish black.


Mixed Eustoma Bouquet

A stunning bouquet of eustomas are an excellent addition to your Thanksgiving celebrations. Enchanting and exotic, eustomas are well-known for their wide range of symbolism. Offering this as a gift shows your admiration for that special loved one and how appreciative you are to have them in your life. It is also representative of sweet love and friendship, ideal for having a Thanksgiving dinner with good friends. This floral arrangement together with champagne roses and seasonal foliage is simply too beautiful to resist. Price: S$109.00


Pretty In Pink

This incredibly pretty bouquet is almost too sweet to behold! A fantastic arrangement of cotton candy colours and dashes of purple seasonal foliage to give it that edge, this is a wonderful gift that will surely turn heads. A mixture of white and pink roses shows the pure love that will be shared among the people at the dinner table, while the background of foliage keeps the love grounded. An ideal gift for admiring during Thanksgiving. Price: S$120.00