Singapore is full of beautiful flowers, and mini bouquets are no exception. When you want to send the right message in an affordable but meaningful way, the mini bouquet is your best friend. Colorful flowers arrive at the door of your loved one, showing that you were thinking of them. Mini bouquets are no less meaningful than full bouquets, and you can use them to express yourself in unique ways.

Certain flowers are more commonly found in mini bouquets than in others. These include roses, tulips, calla lilies, eustoma, and ranunculus. These flowers work well in mini bouquets because they look beautiful on their own or with just a small number of accessory flowers. They do not require much decoration to look gorgeous on display.

Great Birthday Gifts

If you are looking for the ideal birthday gift on a budget, a mini bouquet is a fantastic choice. These are cheap gifts that are widely available and do not look as if they are worth any less than other bouquets available. Cheap mini bouquets offer a variety of choices. In no way are you limited. You can still send that someone special a gorgeous arrangement of flowers, even if you are shopping for a gift on a budget.

Here are some of our top picks for birthday mini bouquets on a budget:


We love the Mini Hydrangea Bouquet, which features an assortment of single color Season’s Best hydrangea stems. This gorgeous bouquet will appear luminescent on display, just as glorious as any other bouquet. Hydrangeas are a diverse choice, as they may offer a number of significant meanings. The hydrangea can be casual or romantic depending on your feelings toward this special person.




The Mini Oncidium Bouquet includes a variety of Season’s Best blooms that look elegant and lovely in the office or at home. Bright yellow oncidium flowers are reminiscent of sunshine and cheer. The oncidium is a great reminder of the beautiful outdoors.


We think the Little White Roses Bouquet is ideal for a birthday present. These five stems of white roses rest against a sea of eucalyptus, creating a look straight out of a fairy tale. White roses are traditionally a wedding flower, so this makes for the ideal romantic birthday present at an affordable price.

Best of all, these mini bouquets arrive with complimentary message cards. This means you can make sure that your recipient knows you sent these flowers to wish them a happy birthday. Your special message will be included with your present.

Thank You Gifts

How many times has somebody done something to benefit you, just out of the bottom of their heart? Sometimes you need to remind somebody that you see all the things they are doing for you. Sometimes, sending a small gift as a token of your appreciation is the best way to show that you care. A thank you gift in the form of a mini bouquet is perfect. With so many mini bouquets available for under $500, you will love our assortment of presents.

Here are some of the best bouquets to send as a thank you gift:

The Matthiola Bouquet contains an assortment of matthiola that are sweet and lovely. The casual nature of the matthiola flower makes this an ideal choice for any recipient. It is a great office flower to send to a co-worker or manager who has been especially helpful, but you can also send it to a friend as an offer of gratitude.



We also love the Marsh-Rosemary Bouquet, which includes an arrangement of Season’s Best Marsh-Rosemary. Can you imagine the lovely smells that will emanate from this beautiful bouquet? It only adds to the atmosphere of your recipient’s home or office.



Why not send our simple but cute Mini Flower Bouquet? The flowers are small and refreshing, demonstrating your gratitude in a colorful and adorable way. Each flower is fresh from its field, allowing you to send your gratitude in a fantastic way. Plus, no two Mini Flower Bouquets are exactly alike.

Don’t forget to show somebody special how you feel, whether you are celebrating a birthday with them or you simply want to say, “Thank you.” Mini bouquets offer an affordable advantage in the world of gift-giving, and each present is unique and lovely.