Colours can stimulate up our emotions, they can speak to our hearts and inspire our souls too. Hence it is not surprising, why choosing the right colour is very crucial in setting the mood for the big day in your life – your wedding day. As you plan your wedding, you will need to work on right from the flowers to gowns, and from invitations to décor. Choosing the wedding colour themes will be the most important decision which will decide the further course of planning. Different colours have different meanings and each tone speaks a thousand words.

The colour White represents a new beginning which is ideal for any wedding day. A cool soothing colour, white is perfect for summer weddings. At the same time if introduced in a winter wedding, it can truly mesmerize your guests.

The colour Red symbolizes love. Isn’t it the best representation for a wedding? Red is ideal for both summer and winter weddings, it can blend well with summer’s lush hues and create the much needed contrasts against the snowy backdrop of winters. 

Quirky colours, like peach and pink, make for some of the most romantic wedding days. They create a dreamy atmosphere, which signify the happiness which is in store for the bride and groom. These soft pastels are the best combination for a spring wedding

Gold, black, silver or ivory are elegant colours which radiate sophistication. Fall and winter are perfect for an elegant wedding.

Aqua, orange, yellow or green are fun colours ideal for a beach wedding. They stimulate energy and bring positivity.

Your wedding flowers are very important and takes a large share from your wedding budget. We have the best collections and arrangements for your wedding bouquet, centrepieces, and more ceremony and reception flowers.

Our Hydrangeas & Peonies Bouquet is a beautiful and wonderful combination which can really send a pleasant message to somebody you care about. This bouquet is a wonderful choice to express honour and prosperity. 1 stem of blue Hydrangeas and 5 stems of white peonies along with green foliage look elegant. Beautiful flower arrangement for an elegant and sober wedding theme.

White the colour of purity and symbolizing a new beginning, this White romance bouquet is perfect for adorning a white wedding. Pure white roses elegantly arranged in a flower gift boxes. This flower box is suitable for all occasion, these white roses are a perfect way to honour friendship or show love and regard to your special one. Ideal for using as centrepieces in a white themed wedding party.

Reminding us of England’s Victorian era, this Victorian meadow floral bouquet arouses the feel of blooming flowers in summer.  The bouquet includes a mix of Pink Kenyan roses, White Eustomas, Pink Astilbe, White Astrantia filler, Pink Spray Roses and Silver Brunia. Romantically beautiful, this bouquet speaks of soft enduring love. The flowers are mesmerizing and can make your wedding day dreamy and unforgettable.