Graduation is a busy time that requires a lot of preparation and planning. So, it’s no wonder if the special day is drawing near and you have yet to find that perfect gift.

Thankfully, you need not put too much thought into what present to get as Graduation Flowers are the way to go! Blooming beauties are not only pretty to look at, they come in all sorts of colours that could greatly lighten the mood and the atmosphere. A bouquet of beautiful flowers will do wonders for the graduation nerves and will also look stunning in photographs to be kept and looked back upon in years to come.

But how could we get the perfect flowers in the shortest time possible? Gift Flowers Singapore has all the answers.


How to Find the Perfect Graduation Flowers – Fast!

A trip to the local florists and markets downtown will expose you to a variety of different flowers. However, this can be a time-consuming and tedious task, and with the clock ticking away, you’d want to make the best of your time to grab that ideal last-minute graduation gift for a brother, sister, friend or for a loved one who is about to graduate. You would also need to find a well-trusted seller who could offer you bouquets that are in mint condition and be able to have them delivered on time, which again takes more time to arrange.

Fortunately, you can purchase your flowers online. A local, online florist in Singapore would save you a lot of time and you can browse and purchase at the comfort of your own home. Gift Flowers Singapore makes all the arrangements a lot easier for you, even if it is to find your perfect flowers at the very last minute. If you’re stuck for finding that graduation bouquet needed for the occasion, we are here to help!

As the premium online florist based in Singapore, we pride ourselves in providing you with the freshest flower gifts, flower boxes, fabulous bouquets and flower accessories as well as excellent customer service and advice. Gift Flowers Singapore also offers free delivery to all Singapore metropolitan areas, which ensures that your favourite flowers will be delivered fresh and in pristine condition on the designated day.

We offer a wide range of graduation flowers, specially designed and perfectly arranged for sending the warmest wishes and words of congratulations to your family, friend, or that special someone on graduation day. Flowers have special meanings attached and finding the flowers that suit the graduate’s dreams and wishes for the future could make a significant difference. Here are some popular flowers you could choose as a graduation gift:


Types of Graduation Flowers

Orchids: Orchids are the perfect flowers to gift a female graduate. Delicate and graceful yet fragrant and exotic, orchids represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. Our Tulips & Thai Mokara Orchids Bouquet is a beautiful combination of bold coloured flowers that represent fearlessness as the graduate steps out into society. Price: S$139.00

Pink Tulips: Pink tulips are ideal for a family member or for those you care deeply about, but not necessarily in a romantic way. These flowers are a symbol of kindness and consideration, attachment and good wishes. If this is the message you want to send, the Tulips & Eustoma Bouquet is just the thing for you. Price: S$110.00

Lilies: These serene and beautiful flowers symbolise a variety of positive things: kindness, purity, love and unity, all of which a graduate would experience today and in the future. Wish them well on their journey with this Elegant Lilies Flower Bouquet and see the smile light up on their face. Price: S$135.00