Running out of ideas already for what to gift mum for yet another Mother’s Day this year? Worried that there is only a month left for planning? Fret not. Here, we round up 10 ideas that we are sure all mothers will appreciate.

1. A bouquet of flowers

You can never go wrong with a classic gift of flowers. A beautiful bouquet never fails to lift one’s mood and brighten the room in which one places it. To make things even easier for you, since you are already on this site, we suggest two of our new styles. Our delicate Pink Roses & White Eustoma Bouquet conveys a gentle message of gratitude and happiness. Want to give something other than roses? Pick our Tulips & Eustoma Bouquet. Tulips communicate caring and affection, and the pink tulips used in our bouquet carry a less romantic meaning than red ones.

2. Phone case

This is by far the most practical gift. Phone cases have long evolved to serve more than its primary purpose of protecting the phone. It is also an accessory through which one express their personality. Given the plethora of designs available, you will no doubt find something that is just right for your mother’s interest.

3. Beauty products

Not all mothers are big fans of makeup, so depending on mum’s interest, you may or may not want to skip this. Skincare products, however, is something that will definitely be appreciated. No matter how youthful they look, pretty much all mothers will worry about aging. Invest in a couple of excellent skincare products for your mum and you will make her really happy.

4. Baking or cooking equipment

Does your mum love cooking up a storm or baking her day away? Get her something along the lines of a new mixer, a nifty slow cooker or an air fryer and watch her contently busy herself with her new kitchen toy. The bonus part is when you get to devour the yummy end results she comes up with.

5. Spa trip

Instead of a physical gift, why not present mum with a well-deserved spa experience? Spare some time and go with her too! It hardly gets any better than having precious bonding time with the woman of your life while the two of you are pampered like queens and princesses.

6. Shopping spree

Spoil mum by taking her on a shopping spree! This guarantees a fun day picking out clothes and coordinating outfits for a wardrobe revamp.

7. Perfume

Preferences in scent can be quite a personal thing. If you are not too sure what mum likes, take note of the fragrance(s) she already own—is it musky, floral, fresh, fruity? Then, try to find something similar with the help of a sales assistant. You can also get a small bottle first if you are still not confident on how much she will enjoy it.

8. Gift Hampers

To save you the headache of putting something together for your mum, we have curated the best selection of gift hampers for you to choose from. Does she have a sweet tooth? Does she like tea best, or is she a wine lover? Is she not a fan of caffeine? Regardless, we have a hamper for everyone over on our Gift Hampers site.

9. Jewellery

A pendant or a pair of earrings can add a touch of sophistication. Jewelleries are also a great gift as they last; even long enough to be passed on from generation to generation. If you are after something with an extra touch of personalisation, get crafty and try your hand at creating an accessory from scratch.

10. Notebook/colouring book

If your mum is a busy carrier woman, a lovely notebook can be a great help for her to organise her schedules and such. On the other hand, if she is a stay-at-home mum with some time to spare, she might like occupying her time by colouring in. After all, there must be a reason why people are quick to jump on the “colouring book for adults” bandwagon—it is not only pretty but therapeutic as well.

And there you go! Whichever gift you go for—perhaps even a combination of several ideas—we are sure that all mums will appreciate the effort and gesture you put forward to show how much you love them.