Mother’s day – When is this special day celebrated?


Mother's Day is just round the corner. We celebrate it only once a year and it is best time to express your ardent love and affection for your dear mom. We celebrate Mother’s day every year on the 2nd Sunday of May, to honour these pure, loving souls who gave us this wonderful gift of life, our dear mothers.


How can you express your feelings to the person who gave birth to you and who has stood by your in all the phases of your life. What better than sending her a special colourful fragrant bouquet of flowers? These special flowers will last well even after the day is over, and will remind your mom how special she is for you.


Gifting heartfelt love and affection


Sending gifts to our dear mom’s on this special day has now become a tradition followed all across the world. Gifting beautiful flowers to the most beautiful and special lady in your life is the best way to make her know how special she is and how much she means to you.


Gifting flowers is the purest and sweetest gesture a child can make on this day. Any person, whether rich or poor, can pick up a stem or 2 of the prettiest flower for their mother, this will surely brighten up her day. Choose your pick from the gorgeous roses to lilies to orchids to gerberas and surprise her with a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers at her doorstep. Make this Mother’s Day memorable for your dear mother. Save the date 12th May 2019.


Mesmerizing bouquets but not hard on your pocket


At Gift Flowers Singapore we are proud to offer you the best collection of fresh flower bouquets for Mother's Day. A gift idea which your mom will surely cherish and love. Nothing can beat the surprise of receiving a stunning bouquet at your doorstep on the special day of Mother’s day. The bouquets are budget friendly and all are available below S$99. So why wait, visit us at and order online a beautiful bouquet just for your dear mother.


Roses are a women’s best friend. They love roses and secretly desire to receive them as gifts from their loved ones. Pink Roses signifies gratitude. No better gift for your mother, whom you will be grateful for your whole life. Angelwing is a square box of the most gorgeous pink roses in the world. The rose stems are beautifully arranged in the boxes, making them look dazzling. You can choose from an arrangement of 9 to 12 stems to 36 to 40 stems. The pink blooms arrive in different boxes of pink, black or blue. A perfect gift of pure pink roses for a pure soul like your dear mother.


Pink roses are symbols of appreciation and admiration. This pink roses and mini roses bouquet is a beautiful combination of pink and red flowers. The flowers are gentle and have a soothing calming effect. Show your gratitude to your mother, with the season’s best pink roses and red mini roses, beautifully arranged in a bouquet tied together with a pretty bow.


Mattholias are the perfect flowers for celebrating joy. They are the symbol of happiness and beauty. On this special day of Mother’s day, Gift these mattholia with vase to your mom and see her face brighten up. 10 stems of beautiful mattholias arranged elegantly in a pretty glass vase. What better gift than this beautiful centrepiece for your mother’s living room. Each time she will see the vase of flowers, she will be reminded of your undying love and gratitude for her.