It’s no surprise that you will be in cloud nine after getting engaged, and completely hyped up for a good celebration. A proposal is the perfect surprise event that takes place right after that very special moment when you put the ring on her finger. Your beloved family and friends take this opportunity to celebrate with the wonderful newly-engaged couple, and to give them their best wishes and blessings. A proposal party is a delightful method of officially announcing your engagement to your loved ones.

But what exactly do we do to prepare? How does one propose? And what flowers do you need for this very special occasion? We’ve gathered some tips, ideas and guidelines on etiquette to give you the gist on how it’s all done.

How to prepare a proposal party?

• Make sure the party is kept as a surprise. The point of the party is to surprise your beloved, so make sure all the guests are in on keeping the surprise

• Find the right timing for your fiancée, ensuring that you will both be in the mood for celebration

• Plan the budget realistically and find a decent venue, such as a local restaurant or a favourite date venue. The more common, the less likely it will cause suspicion. Alternatively, you could choose a place that brings meaning and memories to the relationship, like the place of your first date.

• Ensure that the guest list is kept relatively small. A large guest list may overwhelm your fiancée and there is more chance of ruining the surprise

• Don’t get too creative and splash out on fancy things. This is a treasured moment between you and your partner, and a precious moment to share with your loved ones. A nice banner will do just fine.

What to do before you propose?

• This may seem like the most obvious thing to do, but it must be said: be absolutely certain that the both of you want a married life together. If you’re not entirely sure, take a subtle approach in finding out by hinting other people’s engagement and see what you can derive from that

• Inform the parents of your plan to propose first beforehand, out of respect and getting off to a good start with your partner’s family

• Get clued in on the kind of ring your partner will like and retrieve the right measurements. Bring the ring that she usually wears to the jeweler for a more accurate measurement, though many jewelers can skillfully guess the correct size from knowing her height and weight.

• Have a good think about the sort of proposal your partner will adore. Is it a grand gesture, a romantic and intimate moment, or is it an occasion to be in the presence of family and friends?

• Know what words you will say. They don’t have to be lengthy and complex, just be genuine and speak from the heart. Telling your partner how much you love them and how much you’d like to spend the rest of your life with her is more than enough.

What should you not do when proposing?

• Don’t propose on a holiday – leave the proposal as a special day in itself and just enjoy the celebrations as they are

• Don’t pick a trendy place for proposal – they most certainly won’t be trendy in the years to come. Opt for a timeless place where you can revisit in future together

• Don’t propose in front of an audience – it is meaningless for you both. Choose somewhere more private, or at least more personal to truly savor the moment

How to use flowers in a proposal party?

Nothing can be more romantic and expressive than delivering a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your partner’s arms. But how should a proposer actually go about doing this at the proposal party? Here are a few tips to give you some ideas on how to make use of your flowers during the proposal.

Choose the Perfect Flowers

For a classic proposal, a bouquet of red roses is universally known for those three precious words. Many florists suggest a delivery of 108 of these beauties to ask the very important question “Will you marry me?” Alternatively, if following the tradition isn’t really your partner’s thing, go for a colour / type of flower that she likes. Or, better yet, recall the flowers you had given her on your first date or on your anniversary, any kind of milestone moment you could happily recall and treasure.

Alternatively, if following the tradition isn’t really your partner’s thing, go for a colour / type of flower that she likes. Or, better yet, recall the flowers you had given her on your first date or on your anniversary, any kind of milestone moment you could happily recall and treasure.

Decorate your proposal party with flowers

You don’t have to present your significant other with a bouquet. Since you will be proposing with a ring, a better idea is to decorate the area with your flowers. At an indoor venue, perhaps at home after a romantic date well spent, you could decorate the room with the flowers and candles to really set the mood. For an outdoor proposal, prepare a picnic or an outdoor dinner between you two, and the bouquet could be placed as the centerpiece. You could bring a nice basket of flowers to really showcase your creativity.

Fun ideas with flowers

Speaking of creativity, why not weave a crown of flowers for your partner? It’s the perfect bride-to-be attire after that very important “yes”. For a slightly more mysterious fun, you could lead your partner to places with a flower petal trail. And if family could make your partner even happier, prepare a flower for each member to present to her for an extra warm touch.

How to propose with flowers?

You’ve decided to propose with flowers, and finding the right blooms for your partner is the most fundamental start. If you know what flowers she loves most, go for those. But if you wish to add a touch of symbolism into this flower proposal, read on to find out more about the different kinds of flowers that would perfect the delivery.


This may seem like a typical flower choice, but don’t underestimate the power of roses! These traditionally romantic flowers speak a thousand words. Choose the colour of your roses with some careful consideration and present your partner with a bouquet of fresh roses to express your true love.

• Red roses symbolize your love and romance while describing how perfect and beautiful she is to you.

• Pink roses garner a sweet feeling of admiration and joy, so if the relationship brings you a lot of happiness and you want to show how much your partner means to you, opt for pink roses.

• Purple roses are rare and indicates how special the recipient is to you. It also displays your desire to take the next step in the relationship.

Be mindful to avoid giving white roses as they are traditionally for weddings. Also refrain from buying yellow roses as they symbolize friendship, and may give her the wrong idea.


Tulips are very special flowers to give. These graceful and elegant flower arrangements are key to winning someone’s heart over. Tulips come in a wide array of colours, but red tulips are the most ideal because they symbolize “perfect love”. According to tradition, presenting someone with red tulips means a declaration of true love for the recipient. A perfect gift for a proposal!

Like with roses, do not buy yellow or white tulips for this special occasion. Yellow tulips show jealousy and hopeless love and white tulips are more often used in an apologetic manner for something you’ve done wrong.


These fluffy, full-bloomed flowers are a delight to present to your significant other. Peonies are lovely spring flowers that symbolize good fortune and they bring a lot of joy to marriages. They come in a variety of pretty colours: red, pink, white and coral. These endearing blooms are big and long-lasting, and in accordance with Chinese culture, they are thought to symbolize the lush blossoming relationship between couples. Not always easiest to find since they are seasonal flowers, your partner will appreciate the thought and efforts should you present these blooms to her.


As a whole, carnations symbolize love, fascination and admiration. White carnations denote pure love and good luck. Bright red carnations show admiration, while dark red expresses deep love and affection. Red carnations are usually given on proposals because of these distinct meanings.

How to write a proposal speech: what should you say at a proposal?

Keep the proposal speech short and sweet. You could practice beforehand but try to refrain from writing a script. Speaking from the heart is more endearing.

In a proposal, it is important to sound like yourself and that you are not just rehearsing a couple of lines for good measure. You could start by telling about how you felt when you first met your partner or bring back some happy memories. Tell them how much you love him / her, how much they mean to you and talk a bit about your future hopes and dreams. End your speech with the big question: those famous four words. Don’t worry about feeling emotional during this occasion, it’s very natural to feel this way and just go along with the flow.

How should I dress for a proposal?

How one dresses for a proposal is dependent on the location. Formal suit and tie wear is more suitable for a workplace proposal or at formal gatherings. An open jacket teamed with a shirt is perfect for public areas like malls, restaurants and cinemas. Casual wear is more for proposals in an outdoor open area like beaches and parks. In any case, make sure you are well groomed for the occasion. Most importantly, just be yourself.

Proposals can be unnerving, but it is important to remember that the most important thing is to spend quality time with the person you hold dear to your heart. Relax, prepare well and enjoy the occasion!