Hosting an engagement party can be rather stressful for some future brides and bridegrooms. There are quite a few things to consider while preparing for one: the size of the wedding and ensuring what guests to invite to both occasions, the style of the engagement party and what either families prefer, but ultimately the reasons for having the party are very beneficial.

What is the point of having an engagement party?

Having an engagement party is a wonderful way to get everyone ready and excited for the upcoming wedding. Here you get to share the delightful news with the people dearest and closest to you, as well as having the opportunity to connect with your future wedding guests. It also allows members from both families to get to know each other, if they had not known before, and can surely act as a fantastic ice-breaker. More importantly, hosting an engagement party celebrates the imminent union between two very special people, and it’s a joyous start to tying the knot.

What flower style should be used in engagement party?

Flowers are always a great addition to the engagement party. Effortlessly beautiful, elegant and symbolic, they bring a nice addition to the décor and sets the right mood for the party. There is certainly no short of engagement flowers to choose from out on the market, ranging from big voluptuous bouquets to the more minimalistic approach. Choosing the right flower style may be quite tricky, and we have come up with a guide to help.

Affordability of Flowers

Know what your budget is for purchasing flowers. Find a good florist with a good reputation and high-quality flowers at prices within your range. Keep an eye out for flower arrangements that appeal to you and make sure that their delivery code is on point. If you are a dab hand at arranging flowers, feel free to do it yourself for an extra personal touch, but if not or you find yourself running a little behind schedule, don’t stress yourself and seek out an affordable and reputable florist.

Availability of Flowers

If you already have an idea about which flowers you are going to get, make sure that they are available where you are. Most are not available all year round, and if you happen to find them at the wrong season, they may cost a lot more. So, don’t be afraid to do your research and choose wisely.

Stylish Flowers

Casting the affordability and availability of said flowers aside, you would want to choose blossoms that fit into the theme of your engagement party. Taking into consideration where you plan to put the flowers is also very helpful in deciding what style to get.

For those sitting at a table, make sure that the flower arrangements are not too tall – guests should be able to see each other across the table and make conversation pretty easily, and you wouldn’t want to hinder that! Alternatively, you could opt for a tall, thin, elegant vase with flowers that tower above everyone’s head for a dramatic, yet pleasant appeal.

Photogenic Flowers

Casting the affordability and availability of said flowers aside, you would want to choose blossoms that fit into the theme of your engagement party. Taking into consideration where you plan to put the flowers is also very helpful in deciding what style to get.

Decorate the Flowers

If fruits aren’t really your thing, you could also line the container with some green leaves or foliage for a more sophisticated style.

What flowers can mean happiness in marriage?

The style of flowers that you want at your engagement party is important aesthetically, but still leaves you with a lot of options. Which red flower should you choose to stand out from the cleanliness of the white tablecloth? What simple white blossom should you get to stand in a thin vase with an air of grace? Understanding the symbolism behind your flowers can help narrow down your choices and enable you to choose the right flowers that are most meaningful to you in a marriage.


These luscious flowers mean “love of nature”. They blossom almost anywhere during the spring and summer seasons, making them a great symbolism for fresh starts, a new chapter in life, and joyful times. In ancient China, these flowers were regarded as symbols of beauty femininity and gentleness, while in South America, white magnolias are used in bridal bouquets to accentuate the purity and graciousness of the bride.

Calla Lily

Calla lilies were named after the Greek word “calla”, meaning beautiful. These elegant flowers are lightly fragranced which set a nice mood for the engagement party. Different coloured lilies have different meanings; white lilies are a symbol of purity and innocence, pink ones represent appreciation and admiration, purple lilies denote charm and passion, and yellow ones signify gratitude. Choose the colour that represents you most for your party.


These pretty white-petalled flowers are a representation of the words “to share one's feelings” and is the key to a long and fruitful marriage where communication, growth and understanding is vital. Daisies also symbolize innocence and purity. According to Norse mythology, daisies are sacred flowers that highly symbolize motherhood, childbirth, as well as new beginnings.


These delicate and exotic flowers symbolize a multitude of things: beauty, love, refinement, luxury, strength and fertility, and are an excellent representation of happiness in marriage. You can find them in different sizes and vibrant colours, making them popular blooms to keep at engagement parties.

How should you dress for an engagement party?

If you’re trying to figure out what to wear for your engagement party, you’re surely not the only one. Many brides-to-be spend a lot of time in deciding what outfit to wear for this special occasion. There are no specific rules for nailing the dress code, however, tips have been passed and shared by stylists and photographers to ensure you look your best at the party.

1. Find something that makes you look good, but still feel comfortable in. Last thing you need is to look flustered and unnatural on this important day.

2. Look at how your fiancé dresses, and make a mental note to complement each other, but not match. Nice, complementary colours and solid prints are recommended.

3. Choose clothes that aren’t too vibrant and warm. Pastels, cool and neutral toned colours look best in photos.

4. Opt for a classy, effortless look so that the photos will look timeless. Trendy looks are unlikely to be trendy in years to come.

5. Don’t be afraid to add an accessory to your outfit, such as a sleek and sophisticated scarf or a nice necklace that will show up in photos. They’re easy to put on and take off so you can easily change up your look, even though you’re wearing the same outfit.

Who do you invite to an engagement party?

This tends to be a tricky question for hosts because it’s difficult to decide who should be present. The general rule of thumb is that families both sides and close friends should be invited, as well as some wedding party members. The idea is that whoever is invited to your engagement party will be invited to your wedding. But also note that you don’t have to invite all your wedding guests to your engagement party, just to keep the numbers under control.

What kind of gift do you give for an engagement party?

As this is a joyous occasion, you could choose celebratory gifts such as champagne, gift hampers, nicely decorated wine coasters, cute tea towels, picture frames, cookbooks, a restaurant gift card, or a beautiful flower gift. When in doubt, you could ask around to see what gifts the couple may prefer. Consider the budget as well; spend approximately 20% of your overall expenses (including expenses on the bridal shower and wedding) on the engagement gift.

How soon after an engagement should you hold an engagement party?

According to guidelines on etiquette, your engagement party should ideally be held within three months of your engagement. This is the time when you’re excited about the big news but have not yet been swamped with wedding organizing tasks. However, if you are planning a long engagement, feel free to stretch out the time and enjoy your engagement in private before sending out the invitations.

There are many unwritten rules for things to do for your engagement party. Although they provide generally sound advice, feel free to alter any part to suit your circumstances. And most importantly, have fun!