It is hard work managing a company, especially during this competitive era where other budding companies thrive in various overlapping fields. As a growing business, nothing matters more to you than your clients’ utmost loyalty and trust. In order to have good rapport and build a lasting relationship that can ultimately keep your business going in the long run, it is well worth your time and money to invest in a little corporate gift giving once in a while.

What is corporate gift giving?

Corporate gift giving is the generous act that your company takes to offer tokens of appreciation to your favourite clients as a means of maintaining a good business relationship. These tokens could be in the form of physical items like gift baskets, hampers or products that are highly representative of your business’ core values and identity. They could also be in the form of gift cards, coupons and vacations for your chosen clients to enjoy.

Why should we send corporate gifts?

Sending corporate gifts to your prized clients is an indication of how much you value their support. It shows that you, as a business, are generous with your endeavours and are willing to give back. Giving these gifts, especially meaningful gifts at appropriate times, reflects on how much you genuinely care for your clients, and implies that you have a high level of consideration for their needs. This kind gesture is generally well received by clients and can greatly help strengthen the business bond. Not only will this do wonders for the public opinion of your brand, you will have a higher chance of your clients coming back for more business, and possible new referrals.

What are the most appropriate business gifts in your industry?

With the vast competition in gift-giving itself and the various items to choose from, it may be quite difficult to pin-point the best gifts to give. Not all are well-received by everyone, and not everyone wants gifts that are overly promotional, gifts that ignore their interests or even gifts that are too personal.

Thankfully, we have knuckled down some of the best kinds of gifts to be giving in various different industries that fall into none of the above-mentioned categories. Customised hampers are perfect for every occasion and adding a small company promotional gift is considerably nice touch without being overwhelming. Products that are practical, useful and guaranteed to be consumed in one way or another is the way to go.

Best gifts in the PR industry

PR companies strive to understand what the people need and to enhance the company to appeal to the public eye. Lifestyle gifts offer clients exactly what they need and shows them that your business cares.

Best gifts in the insurance industry

As insurance companies deal with protecting clients from financial loss, a more light-hearted hamper will be very much welcomed. Festive hampers that include healthy gourmet treats and refreshing fruits are considerate items to give.

Best gifts in the financial Industry

Giving gourmet hampers to clients is a clear indication that your company understands the important things in life; health, family and happiness. Clients will greatly appreciate the warm gesture.

Best gifts in the hospitality industry

Maintaining customer satisfaction is a must in this industry. For the best client experience, a gift containing items that are useful in their everyday lives as well as delicious gourmet items would be a delightful treat.

How much money should you spend on client's gift?

It’s always a good idea to maintain a set budget to spend on your clients’ gifts. Spend too little and your kind act will seem insincere and cheap but spend too much and it defies the purpose of corporate gift giving, while unnecessarily raising client expectations on future gifts.

A general rule of thumb is to spend between $100 to $1,000 per gift. If the budget in your company for gift giving is low, show your sincerity by investing in a single good quality gift instead of a few smaller, gimmicky gifts.


Benefits of giving promotional corporate gifts

As mentioned before, giving promotional corporate gifts is a fantastic way for branding your company. Although clients would not be so welcome to receiving an overwhelming amount of company promotional products, slipping one or two in your gifts is always a smart move. Here are five reasons why your business should give promotional corporate gifts.

1. To increase brand recognition

Branding the product you give is a great method of gaining recognition. With every use of the product, your client will be subtly reminded of the brand. In addition, those who encounter the product being used by the client will instantly be made aware of its existence and will continue to recognise the brand in future.

2. Gain customer loyalty

If the business provides good customer service and has a relatively good rapport with its vendors, clients generally like to stick with one business, since that company has all their details and can deal with situations hassle free. Letting them know that your business appreciates them for staying will help ensure their loyalty.

3. A marketing strategy that won’t break your bank

The giving of the products itself does wonders for your company’s reputation. Since promotional corporate gifts are sent on a budget, it is a fairly cost effective way to market your company without all the ad fees and other promotional moves companies usually take to gain recognition.

4. Get more leads and sales

Getting brand recognition and customer loyalty is a truly effective measure for the business to make more sales and possibly getting new leads. Building up a good reputation is not easy, and it requires good work as well as appropriate promotional products.

5. To stand out from other competing businesses

Many businesses are up to game to with sending clients nice corporate gifts and offers as a means of maintaining a good business rapport. That’s why it is so important to make sure your company stands out from the crowd by offering unique promotional corporate gifts that cannot be matched. Researching well and making your clients feel special is a key component to the success of a business.

How do you make clients feel special?

Giving corporate gifts is one thing, but being able to make your clients feel special is another vital aspect of your business. We have 5 tips on how to make your clients feel that you care.

1. Use good listening skills.

In most cases, clients just want their concerns heard and their questions answered. If you pay attention to all that they have to say and really listen carefully, you may find a lot of interesting new perspectives that may ultimately lead to a great boost in your business.

2. Make your clients feel unique.

Doing business can be highly personalised. Just like offering customised corporate gifts, each individual client have their special needs and quirks. Remembering the little details about a client, their personalities and being clear on what you need to do with the client is an essential part of business.

3. Build a good business relationship and establish trust.

Communication and honesty are key to creating a trusting relationship. The worst case scenario is to promise a lot but when it comes to the right time you are unable to deliver what you have promised. Be realistic about the goals, taking your workload, accountability and scope of practice into account, and be certain that you can follow through.

4. If issues arise, deal with them in a clear, professional manner.

Problems and mistakes made should be owed a sincere apology, followed by strategies to fix the situation. Getting a full grasp of the situation and looking at it from your client’s perspective is a great start to resolving the conflict. Find out what went wrong and be sure to not let it happen again.

5. Remember to get feedback from your clients.

A client’s feedback is invaluable in furthering your business in the working world. Direct reception of how they perceive your business, what you have done well in and how you can enhance their experience is a wonderful learning experience for entrepreneurs. You can gain feedback by using surveys and questionnaires, through social media, or via email. This system automatically lets your clients know that you really try to make the business work as best as you can for everyone. Your dedication and desire for improvement reflects well on a client’s book.

Corporate gifts are a great way to get your brand out there and recognised by the general public. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that will not only create loyal customers but will also make more sales and potentially get new leads. Making sure your products stand out from the crowd will take more thought and research, but one of the most important things is to listen to what your clients have to say, build trust and make necessary changes to improve your business.