The element of surprise is an important component of Valentine’s Day for many couples. Of course, it’s not always easy to come up with some sort of surprise for such a special holiday. If you need advice, you certainly are not alone. This guide will walk you through the perfect presents for offering a Valentine’s Day surprise for the special woman in your life.


The Perfect Gifts for a Perfect Surprise

The art of the surprise lies in the type of present you choose, but also in how it is presented. Wrapping the most beautiful gift does not mean anything if you present it to somebody poorly. In order to give one of these fantastic presents, consider the entire art of presentation -- starting with what’s inside.

Flowers are among the most common surprise gifts, and that’s for a good reason. They are beautiful and easy to order. In fact, you can find a wide assortment via Gift Flowers, whether you are looking for the classic red roses or something more exotic. Flowers represent a pure and natural love that you come to expect from your significant other. Why not show them this with a colourful bouquet?



Don’t forget about chocolate! Chocolate is one of the sweetest pleasures available -- literally. There is a reason why chocolate is considered the quintessential Valentine’s Day present. With so many varities available, you really can’t go wrong.

Stuffed animals, especially bears, are common Valentine’s Day surprises too. They are adorable and sweet, and they also remind her that you will always be there for her. Everybody loves a gift that is soft and cuddly. 

The Most Romantic Presents from Gift Flowers

Gift Flowers takes great pains to provide you with the most romantic presents. Each of our gifts is delivered to you with pride. You will be delighted to pass on one of our amazing presents to somebody special to you, and your loved ones are certain to appreciate the thought you put into ordering from us. Not sure which gift to give? Try one of these thoughtful choices:


Our Rose in Round Flower Box present is the perfect solution to your Valentine’s Day woes. When  a regular bouquet of roses just won’t do, a set of roses in a round box will. This unique option gives you the ability to surprise her with flowers in a way she’ll never guess.


The Colourful 99 Roses Bouquet for Valentine’s Day is another fantastic option. Each flower comes in crisp, clear colour to provide your loved one with the feeling of pure bliss. Can you imagine the joy on her face when she receives 99 gorgeous blooms? This gift was made for her.


The Valentine’s Rose with Champagne and Chocolate comes with two delightful sweets. If you can’t choose between flowers, bubbly, or chocolates, why not go with all three options? She will love the blooms, but she will also love the bottle of champagne you can enjoy together over a romantic dinner. Of course, the chocolate won’t hurt either.


Other Wonderful Valentine’s Day Surprises

With so many different options for Valentine’s Day, you have plenty of presents to choose from. Of course, there are also many other ways to surprise your sweetie this holiday. Why not surprise her with a camping trip or a European vacation? If you have been thinking about getting a pet, why not find a dog or cat in need of a home for the holidays? You have many options to choose from, and she is sure to be delighted by whatever type of gift you choose to surprise her with.