Your wedding is no doubt one of the most important days of your life. There are many important decisions that you will have to make as you prepare for your big day, some stressful and difficult. Your wedding bouquet can be a fun way to express your personality and get creative, and choosing your style can be an enjoyable experience.

Traditionally, since the time of ancient Greece, wedding bouquets were said to be a symbol of fertility. There were specific herbs that were said to bring health. These days you aren’t limited in how you create your bouquet, whether it’s designed in consultation with your local florist, adapted from something you see online or at a friends wedding, or something completely different. The choice is yours. We’ve collected a variety of ideas to help you get started. Have fun, enjoy it and be true to yourself.

Make your bouquet a floral headpiece

Who said you had to hold your bouquet in your hands? There are some truly elaborate ways to create a floral headpiece that can serve as a stunning take on a wedding bouquet - or can complement the design that you already have in mind for your bouquet. There are many different designs that you can choose that can compliment your hairstyle whether you choose braids, half-up, down or updo styles. Typically you will use a wire which forms the core support for the headpiece, and it’s at this point that you will need to decide the basic shape that you would like the arrangement to sit in. As you build your arrangement take care to cover up any wire that’s showing with some greenery. Attach flowers via the stalk, making sure they’re secure. If you're not the hands-on creative type, you can talk to a friend or have it custom made. Easy!

Make it season specific

You inevitably plan your wedding long in advance, so why not take into consideration the season, and create your bouquet to match. There are really no limitations on what you can create. Of course, if you are opting for a traditional bouquet of fresh flowers, you may have some limitations naturally placed on your choices according to season, however there are many ways to take this concept further and create a remarkable piece. For example, a bouquet for any given season can just as readily be non-floral and can be created using a variety of materials. For winter, you could incorporate pinecones, rhinestones or even glass. Perhaps a summer beach wedding could follow the theme of the sea an include pretty sea shells. For autumn or spring, you choose colours that match the season, perhaps oranges and rustic tones for autumn, and energetic arrangements incorporating yellow and pink for spring (think daffodils, sunflowers, roses and peonies).

Pure flower arrangement: Go bold

There are so many different flowers out there that if you are going for a pure flower arrangement, you may as well make it bold and daring. Maybe it’s a potent combination of pink peonies and chrysanthemums, a white sea of roses, calla and lisianthus or an authentic arrangement of native flowers, the choice is yours and you can take it as far as you want. Decide on a mood or theme, whether it’s whimsical, romantic, glamorous, quirky or authentic, take your concept and push the envelope with a bold and daring design. Flowers can convey emotion and can be used to realise your concept: as soon as you’ve identified it. So take a little time to reflect on who you are as a person and what your wedding means to you, then do a little research and have fun with it. It’s your day so don’t hold back!

Think outside the square

Or maybe you really aren’t set on flowers. That’s ok too. Think outside the square, there are many different material types which can be used to convey emotion and meaning, and can add life and fun into your day. For example, feathers can be used to add colour and depth and excitement to a bouquet, succulents can provide an alternative to flowers, pinecones, glass or seashells can actually replace flowers entirely if done craftily. Or alternatively, flowers can be created using alternative methods, such as with paper daisies and yellow buttons, or roses, cut from the pages of a book. Your imagination really is the limit, you can use fabrics, lace, paper or pinwheels. With a little careful fabrication, and a bit of thinking outside the square, it’s possible to come up with truly beautiful and unique bouquets.

Go for something completely different: puppies?

Nothing really catching your fancy? Why not swap out the bouquet entirely, and go for something completely different and cute: puppies! Yes, you will need to make a few extra considerations, and maybe it’s better to do photos with them after the wedding (in case there is a little accident) However, who doesn’t love cute adorable puppies?

It’s your choice!

Whether you are considering a floral headpiece, a bold floral arrangement, something that is season specific, alternative materials or even something completely different, the important thing is that it’s your day and you can do what you want! Have fun, take your idea and run with it and you are sure to end up with a bouquet that is both original and memorable!