We all know that keeping flowers around us is beneficial in many ways. But most of us are just simply too busy to tend to a garden, or don’t have the motivation to find time to look after plants.


That’s why having flowers in the home is so popular these days. Not only does that make it incredibly easy to look after, being surrounded with beautiful flowers can greatly lift our spirits. There are a number of reasons why this is the case.


It is scientifically proven that spending a good amount of time in nature can help us de-stress. Flowers act as wonderful air-fresheners; they release oxygen into the air and clear out toxins. This cleaner, more purified air is not only good for our lungs and body in general, but can also relieve our tension and help us relax.


Studies show that the more attention we give to looking after our flowers, the more positive our minds will become. Even for those of us genuinely can’t spend much time tending to our blossoms, simple gestures like watering them when needed or making sure there is sufficient sunshine is more than enough to help you develop a sense of calm and patience. These virtues are very useful to us on a day to day basis, whether we are at work or when we are meeting friends.


Another way that flower decorations at home are essential is that they can improve our concentration and will evidently boost our productivity. This point is particularly useful for those who work at home; it eliminates procrastination and helps us to focus on getting the job done.


Seeing beautiful flower decorations at home is a very pleasant experience. As a piece of natural, aesthetically pleasing décor, it can really brighten up any room. There are many flower decorations to choose from, but there were some we just cannot forget. Here are our top three picks:

White Romance

What can be better than an elegant box of pure white roses? Suitable for all occasions and perfect in any room, this is undoubtedly a wonderful gift to keep. Pick a coloured box that complements your room and furniture: a soft baby blue that suits anything cool-toned, a romantic lush pink that tends to the warm-toned, or stylish classic black that will go with pretty much anything from vintage to modern. Price: S$79.00 Standard; S$129.00 Large

Dazzling Romance

Looking for something unique? This might just be the perfect gift for you! We present to you the purity and romance of stunning white roses, sweet and gentle white hydrangea, and a splash of dazzling emerald green tricks to give it all that pop of colour and life. A fantastic combination to place upon your desk, in your bedroom or even centre stage in the living room. Very pleasant and refreshing to clasp your eyes upon. Price: S$185.00, Great Singapore Sales Price: S$149

Desert Bloom

Here is an exotic and rare gift that grows upon the barren desert. This beautiful flower arrangement is reminiscent of the desert colours and plants, indicating to us that there is beauty within. With the abundance of Pincushion, Cotton flower, Thistle, Eucalyptus leaves and dried wheat, this gift tells us that not all hope is lost in the desolate grounds and perhaps there is a mysterious story yet to be told. The earthy tones of this excellent décor makes it ideal for family rooms such as the living or dining rooms. Price: S$150.00, Great Singapore Sales Price: S$119