Flowers are used to celebrate many of the major milestones throughout life, and graduation is no exception. In fact, celebrating this rite of passage with flowers can add joy and sentimentality to the day. Selecting flowers to commemorate the occasion does not have to be difficult either. We have the perfect suggestions for graduation flowers that will make anybody feel proud of the accomplishment.

Differences between Hong Kong and Western Graduations

While there are plenty of similarities in the way Hong Kong and Western graduations are held, many of the ways we celebrate are different. For instance, Western cultures often give Hawaiian-style leis to new graduates. Leis are also handed over as a symbol of somebody arriving or leaving.

This is not so common in Hong Kong culture, but this is no reason not to consider it as a unique gift. These leis are typically made out of orchids but may include other flowers like carnations, roses and simple leaves. In fact, some leis are made out of candy for children. For a new grad, leis made with money are a great idea because they can provide financial assistance for the future.

In Western culture, corsages and boutonnieres are also common before a graduation ceremony. These flowers can be a simple favorite or one associated with the school colors. This flower is typically worn with the outfit, offering a simple floral adornment that looks pleasant in photos.

Send the Perfect Graduation Flowers

Are you looking for a special bouquet to send your new grad? These suggestions will help you send a meaningful floral gift, even if you cannot make it to the ceremony yourself.

Carnations - Carnations are a great gift for graduates because they come in a variety of colors. Plus, they are casual flowers that are appropriate for any graduate. White, pink and red are beautiful colors, each one providing a different meaning. White is especially poignant because a white carnation sends a message of good luck.

Roses - Roses are not just for romantic occasions. White, purple, yellow and pink roses are actually suitable flowers. This is the traditional choice, and there is certainly a reason why. Orange roses are also a great choice because they are bold and bright, unique in their own rite. Rainbow roses are also fun and casual, celebratory in a big way.

Lilies - Lilies of all types are beautiful, but stargazer lilies are especially fitting for graduation because they represent prosperity and wealth.

Tulips - You might be surprised that tulips are such a popular graduation flower, but it all boils down to the variety of colors available. These are gorgeous flowers that look beautiful in a mixed bouquet too.

No matter what kind of flowers you choose to send, bright and colorful options are your best bet. Colorful flowers are symbols of celebration, after all. If you are not sure what color is most suitable, it is a good idea to choose the school colors from the institution your graduate is leaving. Some flowers can even be dyed to suit your needs!

Send Another Special Gift

Even if you choose not to send flowers, you can still mark the occasion with something special. A commemorative paperweight is one possible option, especially if you have it engraved or customized so that it is more personal to the recipient.

A money tree is actually a great gift as well, especially if you want to wish good fortune and prosperity on somebody you care about. Also known as a pachira, the money tree is a thoughtful gift.

A gift basket of goodies is a great gift to ensure that your recipient has everything one might need to live outside of school. A gift basket could include gift cards to local restaurants, kitchen essentials and maybe some cookbooks to  help your new grad learn a few kitchen tricks.

Flowers are always an excellent graduation gift, and they are also affordable and thoughtful.