You already know that Valentine’s Day is a busy day for florists. With so many bouquets going out for the day, there is no doubt that the people making them face a unique set of challenges. It is difficult to foresee many of the circumstances florists find themselves in, which makes it all the more difficult to cope with the situation. Want to learn  more about those challenges? Interested in getting the scoop on some of our most intriguing scenarios? Here is a sample of some of the craziness that occurs on this romantic holiday.


Unfaithful Men

What do you do when you are faced with the fact that somebody is clearly being unfaithful to their Valentine? Do you go along with it, maintaining a straight face, or do you call them out? Florists are faced with this conundrum regularly. It is actually more common than you might think for a guy to come in with several different recipients in mind. Of course, we always notice when this happens.

One particular scenario comes to mind. One man ordered three different bouquets from us, all for different days. We thought this was strange, and looked at the recipients. Lo and behold, he was sending each bouquet to a different woman. Obviously our bouquets are so beautiful that you would want to send them to everybody you care about, but these were romantic flowers.

This becomes an ethical dilemma. What do we do? Send the flowers on? After all, this could be absolutely nothing. He could be sending flowers to his girlfriend, his mom, and his grandma. It could be totally innocent, and we can’t deny sending flowers to somebody special on a hunch. On the other hand, he could also be playing all three of these women. Is it our responsibility to say something about it?

When this happened to us, we opted to send the flowers on. We spotted exactly what he was doing and were forced to help him cover. After all, who are we to judge his situation? We have no idea if he is ordering flowers for a friend or sending them to women he is merely friends with. We treated it just like any other order.


The Last-Minute Lonelyheart

It’s not uncommon for a florist to receive some last-minute phone calls, especially on Valentine’s Day. The pressure is on for guys to send their significant others some lovely bouquets. Apparently, the pressure is on for the women as well. The only difference is that it is all about competition.

Whispered phone calls come in quite frequently on Valentine’s Day, with women asking whether there are still bouquets available. The desperation is clear, especially when we receive the address to which the flowers need to be sent -- the woman’s own workplace. These women want to order a Valentine’s Day bouquet and have it delivered to their office as soon as possible. Clearly, she was being outshone by her co-workers and wanted to appear to be in a successful relationship. She wanted us to help her do that.

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday of the year, and yet many people feel insecure if they don’t have a special somebody to send them flowers. The holiday becomes all about showing off. This romantic holiday actually evokes problems with jealousy.


The Blame Game

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are just looking for a fall guy. Florists end up taking the blame when the guy gets rejected by the object of his affections. It couldn’t possibly be the guy, right? This is where things can get interesting.

What typically happens in this scenario is that the guy sends his love flowers, and she does not respond. She may send a rejection, but the guy assumes that our flowers just weren’t good enough to do the trick. He thinks that if only our flowers had been better, he would have a Valentine. Most florists know that it just doesn’t work that way.

In one situation, the guy claimed it was our fault that his advances were rejected. He even had the gall to ask for a refund for the gorgeous bouquet of flowers we had sent. Of course, we know that our flowers were amazing and had nothing to do with the rejection.

What can you learn from these stories from real florists? First, plan ahead. Whether you are ordering flowers for your spouse, significant other, or even yourself, make sure to do it well in advance of the big day. Second, make sure not to blame the florist if something goes wrong.  It is not likely that the problem is with the flowers, especially if you find yourself getting rejected. Florists have been coping with these scenarios for years  upon years, so they know exactly what to do when these situations arise.