Flowers have become a huge part of our lives and some don’t even realize it. They are always present in most of the important occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and weddings.

Aside from flowers being beautiful, each type of flower carries a symbolic meaning to them. This is why some flowers only fit specific occasions. It’s important to know the meaning behind different types of flowers to ensure that we get a flower perfect for a specific occasion and avoid getting flowers that don’t go well with certain occasions.

This guide will help you learn the different types of flowers and the meaning behind them. When you learn these, you’ll know what type of flower to get for your family and friends that go really well with the occasion and you get to get your message and feelings across.

Different Types of Flowers and What They Symbolize

1. Amaryllis – This beautiful flower symbolizes beauty. When you give someone an Amaryllis, you’re trying to say how you beautiful they are to your eyes.

2. Carnation – Carnations symbolize pride and beauty. This flower comes in many different colors and each color has different meanings. If you want to convey a message of pure love, get a white carnation; if you plan to show your love to your mother or a woman, get a pink carnation; and if you want to convey your admiration for someone, get a red carnation.

3. Chrysanthemum – This flower symbolizes joy and long life. If you want to convey your loyalty to someone and that you’re trustworthy, get a white chrysanthemum and if you want to show how much you love someone, get a red chrysanthemum.

4. Gerbera – Gerberas show cheerfulness. If you want to show how loyal you are to someone you love and your heart’s pureness, get a gerbera.

5. Hydrangea – Hydrangeas are perfect if you want to show your heartfelt emotions. With this flower, you can convey your gratitude and thankfulness to someone.

The Symbol of Roses, Eustomas, and Ranunculuses

1. Roses

Roses are often the symbol for love and romance. These flowers come in different colors thus having multiple symbolic meanings for each color. Give white roses if you want to show your pure intentions; get red roses to show how much you love someone; give yellow roses to friends to strengthen your relationship with them; give pink roses showcases your admiration for someone and your happiness when you’re with them;  and give orange roses to show your enthusiasm and positivity.

2. Eustoma

Eustoma flowers have a lot of different meaning behind it. If you want to wish someone a happy life, this flower is the perfect give. You can also give someone Eustomas if you want to show your admiration to someone. Eustomas can also symbolize kindness and sweetness, as well as show your heartfelt emotions.

3. Ranunculus

Ranunculuses can symbolize charm and attractiveness. You can get this flower in any color as its meaning stays the same. When you give someone a ranunculus flower, it shows that you find the one you’re giving it to someone you think is truly charming and attractive.

Our Favourite Flower Recommendations

Flowers are certainly a great gift for any occasion. Not only do flowers look beautiful, but the hidden symbol and meaning behind them truly makes it a gift worth giving. If you’re having a hard time choosing which type of flower to get as a gift, here are some of our favourite flower bouquets that we’re sure any recipient will love and can go great with just about any occasion.


We love the White Romance flower box!  Roses are beautiful and formal. These flowers are showcased to its best advantage in a box of elegant white roses. This flower box is suitable for any occasion. White roses are the perfect way to honor friendships and show love and regard to your loved one.

The Mixed Eustoma Bouquet is one of our best-sellers. This bouquet is a great and unique way to send happiness and cheer to your loved one. Send your loved ones, family members and friends, this amazing gift which includes an arrangement of purple eustoma surrounding gorgeous champagne roses. They’re sure to love it!

We definitely adore the Colorful Ranunculus Bouquet! What’s not to love? This bouquet is truly beautiful and eye-catching. Anyone receiving it will adore this colourful bouquet with a combination of soft roses with ranunculus. This gorgeous bouquet will certainly look lovely on a nightstand at home or on a desk at the office.

Any of these flower arrangements can be a great gift for your loved ones. No matter what the occasion is, whether they’re birthdays or house warming’s, these flowers will definitely get your message across. So don’t be shy, get one for your family and friends now and say what you want to say with the help of these flowers.