Does it get on your nerves when people say that buying flowers is a “waste of money” since they just wither and die after a while? Well, for you flower devotees out there, you no longer have to give in to such off-putting remarks. As for those who have always pulled themselves back from buying flowers, you need to let yourself loose for once. Do more of what makes you happy, they say.

By the end of this article, you will find out about how you can actually get your money’s worth when you spend on flowers. With our guide, you no longer have to waste your money on store-bought products when you can make the same things at a much lower cost in the comfort of your home. For the ease of explanation, we will use roses as an example in this article, but most of these effortless DIY creations can also be fashioned using other kinds of flowers as well.

Dried Rose Garland

Has your beloved bouquet been reduced to stalks of dried up roses? Why not hang these stalks along a nylon strip or fishing line across the wall and transform your dried roses into a garland that exudes vintage vibes to your room. This garland would be a great wall décor by itself, and would also come in perfectly handy when you need a simple and elegant backdrop for photo taking.

Rose in a Jar  

Another way to reuse your dried roses is to store them in a jar, which can then be used as a home décor item. You can either remove the dried petals or simply snip off the entire bloom. With this creation, not only do you get to preserve the roses that you love so much, you are also preserving a special moment or memory that came with them.


Pressed Flowers

Similarly, pressed flowers tend to be used for decorative purposes, such as in cards, on walls, even in photo frames. They are often also placed in scrapbooks as a keepsake, to preserve the beauty of the blooms and the attached sentimental value.

You will need to gather some roses, stalked trimmed to your own liking. Within a heavy book, place a piece of tissue or paper towel (depending on the size of your roses) and lay your roses on them. Ensure that the roses are well-covered on both sides before you close the book. Adding additional load on the book will help to enhance the pressed effect. After a week or so, you should be able to find yourself some pressed roses that are all ready to be used.

Potpourri/Scented Sachets

Potpourri, a common aromatherapy product, is made from dried flowers as well. It can also double as a great home décor item. By mixing the crisp rose petals with some herbs of your choice (for instance, cinnamon or dried lavender) in a jar or a bowl, you will be able to enjoy an economical and splendid homemade rose potpourri that would emanate an alluring scent in your home. If you have some rose essential oil or rosewater lying around, you can add some drops to your homemade potpourri for a stronger scent.

The potpourri can further be used to create scented sachets by transferring them into small drawstring bags. These little pockets of fragrances can be placed in your closet or drawers, and you can even give them to your friends – share the love! (How many birds did we just kill with this stone?

2-Step Sugar Scrub

Did you know that a sugar scrub is way better than a salt scrub? Comparatively, sugar is a gentler exfoliant that is also more moisturising and less likely to dry out your skin. This natural scrub is safe to use on sensitive skin, chapped lips, even for children.

 What you need for this sugar scrub would be white sugar, baby oil, fresh rose petals, a food processor, and a jar/container to store your sugar scrub. All that needs to be done is to add the ingredients into the food processor, mix, and voilà – you have your very own sugar scrub! The second and final step is to transfer the scrub into a container for storage. What’s more amazing is that making a scrub on your own would allow you to customise the scrub to suit your own preference – by experimenting with the sugar and oil amounts.

Infused Rose Water

Infused rose water can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to help reduce dark circles, eye puffiness and to remove makeup. With the unrelenting weather in Singapore, this would be a pocket-friendly way to hydrate and pamper your skin, an inexpensive addition to your daily beauty routine. What’s more, roses are high in antioxidants, germ-destroying and can help to reduce inflammation, thereby being a highly versatile product.

 For this creation, you would first have to soak some fresh rose petals in water (ideally filtered) for around 3 to 5 days. After that, strain the petals and transfer the infused water into a spritzer bottle, and you are ready to indulge your skin in some well-deserved care.

Natural Rose Lip Balm

You can also put your rose petals to good use by using them to make your personal floral lip balm. Not only does this homemade lip balm look and smell lovely, it also does a fantastic job in keeping your lips soft and succulent, in the most natural and affordable manner.

You will need some coconut/olive oil, beeswax, vanilla extract and your rose petals (dried or fresh), and your preferred storage containers. First off, you will have to melt the beeswax completely along with the coconut/olive oil. Following which, add the rose petals into the mixture, before transferring it into the containers and leaving them to cool. Should you desire, you can even up the level by adding in other ingredients of your choice, such as shea butter or honey!

Rose Petal Scented Candle

Are the scents of off-the-shelf scented candles too strong for your liking, or simply too pricey? Why not try making your own customised floral petal scented candle at home? It is both aesthetically pleasing and would give off the light aroma you enjoy. Don’t worry, you can’t go wrong because this is an incredibly easy feat!

First, melt some natural wax completely while adding a few drops of essential oils that you like. Using some of the melted wax, press the rose petals against the wall of your glass jar. With a candle wick secured at the centre of the jar, pour the mixture in and leave it to cool.


Congratulations, you are now on your way to becoming a practical flower lover! Flowers are not only pleasing to the eye and nice-smelling, they can also be reused in a variety of simple methods that helps you save money, and ensures that you get most out of your floral obsession. Tempted? Go ahead and have a look at our exquisite collection of flowers!