Boxed flowers are among the most beautiful types of floral arrangements, in spite of the fact that they are not as common as bouquets. So many people love boxed flowers because they present flowers in a beautiful, safe way. Boxes show off a flower’s most beautiful features. In fact, sending a box of flowers is a terrific way to show somebody that you care, and these tips will help you select and maintain your flowers.

Tips for Keeping Boxed Flowers Fresh

Upon the arrival of your gorgeous blooms, you likely want to keep them in top condition. Fortunately, flowers are protected by the box, allowing them to arrive crisp and beautifully presented. These tips will ensure that your flowers do not lose their lovely glow.

When you receive your flowers, place the flowers in about four inches of clean water, possibly with flower food if you wish. Make sure to create a diagonal cut across the bottom of the stem to allow for fresh water absorption. Make sure to change the water every day for long-lasting flowers.

Once you’ve cut and hydrated the flowers, make sure you keep the blooms out of direct sunlight and heat. You want to keep the flowers relatively cool so that the blossoms look fantastic on display for about one week.

Remove leaves that fall into the water or that rest below the waterline. Otherwise, you are likely to see growth of bacteria in the water.

With the right maintenance, you can keep gifted flowers looking fresh and luscious for as long as possible.

Tips for Giving Boxed Flowers as a Gift

Providing your loved one with the perfect arrangement of flowers is important. Flowers convey meaning, and you certainly want to send a gift that speaks to your true feelings. You can ensure that you present the right gift by taking a few steps.

Choose a color of box that makes the blooms truly stand out. This adds to the overall presentation of your blooms, creating a meaningful gift that appeals to nearly all the senses. You can also create a complimentary look based on the occasion. For example, red and pink are excellent choices for a romantic occasion.

Choose flowers with sentimental meaning. Flowers can convey a message about your relationship with somebody special, so make sure to select blooms that symbolize how you feel.

For example, red roses represent passion, romance, and respect. Pink roses are symbolic of grace, appreciation, and admiration. Yellow roses can represent happiness and joy. Of course, other types of flowers go great in boxes too. The ranunculus demonstrates charm and glamour, and it is widely available in boxed flowers.

Beautiful Boxed Arrangements

With so many beautiful boxed arrangements available, selecting a present can feel overwhelming. We have several recommendations that will make your loved one feel special. Here are some of our favorites:


The Seasonal Flowers in Round Flower Box is an excellent choice that arrives in a variety of colors. This colorful assortment arrives elegantly with its bold colors, making it perfect for any joyous occasion. This boxed flower arrangement is perfect for a romantic occasion or a birthday.


We love the Timeless Beauty flower box, especially for a special occasion. This eclectic assortment of roses sends strong messages, from enchantment and appreciation to happiness and cheer. This box of flowers can be romantic or casual based on the occasion.


The Fantasy Ranunculuses & Hyacinths in Round Flower Box is a romantic gift that shows off just how much you feel enamored with your beloved. This present arrives in a round box that demonstrates how much you care with 10 beautiful, luscious blooms. This is truly an elegant gift.

Why Are Boxed Flower Arrangements Trendy?

Boxed flower arrangements are increasingly popular. They are easy to send, and you can find customizable options that represent your feelings. Boxes break from tradition in a positive way, offering something new and unexpected. In a world that is always on the fast track forward, why not try something new that is sure to impress?

Purchasing a beautiful floral arrangement, boxed or otherwise, is a terrific option. We are happy to help you find the perfect boxed flower arrangement for an upcoming special occasion.