With so many different kinds of flowers in this world, you can’t possibly know every single one of them! In this article, we will share with you the most interesting facts of 7 different flowers that are bound to make you go “are you serious?”


Orchid: The Maker of Vanilla

We know about vanilla extract, how it is used to make various products such as vanilla ice cream, cakes, and even vanilla scented candles, but do you know where vanilla actually originates from? The Vanilla planifolia orchid (Flat-Leaved Vanilla) is the most common species that is grown and harvested for its vanilla seed pods, which then gives us the vanilla beans need to create vanilla extracts.


Diphylleia grayi: The Transparent Flower

You may not pay much attention to this seemingly normal white flower because it just looks like any other wild flower. But the magic begins when it rains. When it comes into contact with water, the white petals of this flower wondrously turns transparent in a matter of seconds, thus giving it the nickname of “skeleton flower”.


Tulbaghia violacea: A Less Pungent Garlic

Otherwise known as the Society Garlic, the beautiful lilac-blue flowers of this species are accompanied by long grayish-green leaves that exude a garlic-like smell. The origin of this informal name came from the idea that the comparatively less pungent smell of the plant made it a more suitable choice to be consumed during socialising functions than the actual garlic itself.


Atropa Belladonna: Nature’s Deadly Seduction

In the past, Venetian women used the juice from the flowers and fruits of the Atropa Belladonna, or the deadly nightshade, to produce belladonna eye drops. This was due the desire for the after-effect of pupil dilation it produces, which was considered to be a quality of attractiveness. However, its poisonous nature led to the cessation of its cosmetic use, but it is still medically used to treat some ailments today.


Snapdragon: A Mystical Origin

Snapdragon is a popular choice among flower enthusiasts for its vibrancy and elegance. But do you know that they were once thought of as possessing a supernatural quality? This is because after wilting, what’s left of the snapdragons are their seed pods, which highly resemble skulls. Talk about creepy!


Narrow-Leafed Campion: The Ice Age Flower

Just this year, a group of Russian scientists were able to extract the tissue from a 32,000 year-old arctic plant, otherwise known as the narrow-leafed campion, from a buried fruit that was preserved by the permafrost, and derive new living plants from it. Today, it is the oldest plant that has been regrown from a fossil tissue. Nature really has a will of its own, doesn’t it? ­


 Lithops: Flowering Stones

Though they look like real stones, Lithops are actually a type of succulent plant that just so happen to resemble stones, with their smooth surface and dull colours. The amazing thing about this particular species is how the plant “splits open” to reveal either yellow or white flowers when it blooms.