Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Those butterflies fluttering in your stomach, staring affectionately into each other’s eyes, holding hands doing the simplest things, wanting to spend every minute of every hour of every day together. Even when you’re apart, you’d talk for hours and hours on the phone as if time on this planet has stopped still for you both.

Indeed, these are very precious moments. But there will be a time where… life just happens. Bring on the occasional disagreements, little chips here and there, being busy, and wanting me-time, your personal space. No doubt that your once fiery love can burn out just a little, simply because the love is no longer as fresh and new and as exciting as before.

But that’s no reason to lament. There’s no need to let your love go stale as yesterday’s bread crumbs. Ask yourself: how do you rekindle that flame that made you both fall in love with each other? What are those little things you can do to relight that passionate fire and warm glowing love?

A few ideas may come to mind, but if you’ve gone completely blank, fear not! We’ve got 5 amazing tips for you to try, guaranteed to keep your love as fresh as daisies!

Loving Greetings

One of the best and easiest ways to liven up the love is to give a loving greeting. More often than not, it sets the tone and attitude towards each other for the rest of the day. Greeted lovingly on a daily basis with a hug or a kiss (or both!) can serve as a kind reminder that this person is your love interest and to value the time you have together.

Romantic Messages

It’s difficult to be romantic every day, especially in modern society where our lives revolve around work and schedules. That’s why a lovely message can make a whole lot of difference! Be it a scrap of paper left at the breakfast table, a simple card or just a text message on your way to the office, your thoughtful act will surely put a smile on his/her face.

Try Something New Together

Are there some things that you would both like to try but never had the chance? Or maybe there isn’t anything specific, but participating together in a new activity can prove to be lots of fun! So why not set aside a time and give it a go? Be it a cooking class, a sporting activity or perhaps some voluntary work, doing something new can spice up the relationship and create lasting memories.

Have a Meaningful Chat

After a lovely date together, settle down, relax with a drink and enjoy a meaningful conversation together. Set all the superficial questions aside and don’t be afraid to ask questions. What were you like growing up? Does he/she have any hopes and dreams for the future? What are your opinions on current events? Asking, answering, listening respectfully and supporting will help to strengthen your bond and bring you closer to one another.

Surprise Your Partner!

Don’t forget to surprise your partner from time to time! Wow your partner with the soft, gentle and wispy Victorian Meadow, bringing you back to England’s Victorian era where you run through the summer fields together, hand in hand.

Victorian Meadow

If it’s hard to catch the right time together, why not leave a box of gorgeous ruby red Regal Roses sitting at your partner’s desk, waiting for his/her return?

Regal Roses

And if, perhaps, you’d much rather the traditional romantic bouquet of red roses, Passionate Love gives you just what you need to light that fire.

Passionate Love

No matter what your choice is, this is a sure way to keep your love fresh, young and exciting.