Dating back in history, roses have always been an iconic symbol of love, beauty and grace. Something about their unique petal arrangement makes them stand out among other flowers and they never fail to give off an air of elegance and purity. That is most likely why they are seen to be by far the most popular choice of gift flowers in the world.


Roses have become so popular that artificial roses are being made to meet the demands of the public. The reason for this is that people reckon this is the only way to make these beautiful blooms last longer, but here at Gift Flowers Singapore, we know better!


Why you should buy real roses

  1. Freshen up the air – Real roses have aromatherapeutic qualities; not only do they smell lovely, their scents are a treat to lifting people’s moods and maintaining a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere in the room. Artificial roses do not have such enchanting powers.
  2. Natural décor – Fresh roses are a fantastic addition to your home or office environment. The natural pop of colour makes a wonderful décor and can greatly brighten up the place. While artificial roses are pretty in its own right, something about real roses just simply cannot be replicated.
  3. Good for mental health – Looking after real roses is quite easy, and studies show that the bonding is also good for your mental health. That’s why flowers are usually given to loved ones who are sick in the hospital. Artificial flowers do not need your care, and no bonding is required.


How to keep your roses fresh

There are various ways to keep your roses fresh. Make sure that the vase for keeping the roses is nice and clean so that the water will not be contaminated. Fill it with lukewarm water – water that is too hot or too cold may shock the delicate roses. Add some flower food to the water and cut the stems at a 45-angle to ensure it can soak up all the nutrients. Roses need about 6 hours of sunshine a day, so position them in a place where they are exposed to the sun. Don’t forget to change your water regularly and remove any wilting parts so that they don’t fall into the water and contaminate it.



Where to buy fresh roses

You can buy fresh roses from any reputable online florist. To make sure that your flowers arrive in mint condition, Gift Flowers Singapore offers fast and free delivery. We are pleased to be recognised on an industry list by Flower Delivery Reviews for our outstanding flower arrangements, and we can’t wait to show you the fresh rose gifts we have prepared.


4 Different Styles of Perfect Fresh Rose Gifts

If you’re opting for something sweet and cute, Unicorn in Pink is perfect for you! These light pink roses and carnations are the connotations of innocence, sweetness and grace. With the clever unicorn decoration, this is a truly enchanting gift. Price: HK$959.00

Fantasy Rose with Vase is a fantastic way to show your appreciation and love. Soft shades of pink and white roses with complementary seasonal foliage placed in a clear glass, this dream gift would make a lovely décor. Price: HK$1,099.00

This Stunning Pink Rose with Carnations Bouquet is just the ideal gift for that very special someone. The lush pink roses rest side by side with carnations in blushing red in a bed of seasonal foliage – a truly magnificent gift to give! Price: HK$599.00

Welcome the season of spring with Love Letter, a fresh and uplifting envelope box of playful pink roses and simply gorgeous seasonal foliage. Now you won’t get tongue tied when you say those three little words to your beloved with this pretty flower gift! Price: HK$859.00