Moms – the world just wouldn’t go around without them. Some have even gone so far to say that every day should be Mother’s Day. But with the actual Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start planning how you’ll show your Mom just how much she means to you. From breakfast in bed to a gorgeous bunch of flowers, there are so many ways you can spoil Mom this Mother’s Day.

1. Breakfast in bed

While she may be the one who butters your toast and scrambles your eggs, don’t let Mom even leave her bed before she has had her breakfast. Cook up a storm, whether it’s pancakes, French toast, muffins or eggs, and serve it to her while she’s snuggled up under the covers.

2. Tick things off her list

Every Mom has a to-do list. Use Mother’s Day as an excuse to help your Mom out with hers. Most Moms will have quite a long list of errands and tasks that need to be done, whether it be the washing, grocery shopping or a bit of cleaning. This also has the added bonus of making sure Mom gets what she actually wants; a ticked-off to-do list.

3. Clean the house

For many moms, the idea of a clean, organised house is her idea of heaven. Having it done without her having to ask is even better. Let Mom wake up to a spotless house with everything in its place. Guaranteed, it will be a Mother’s Day that she remembers.

4. Put it in words

The art of letter writing seems to have been lost in today’s age of emails, text messaging and FaceTime. Sit down and handwrite Mom a letter, telling her how much she means to you and how much you appreciate everything she does for you.

5. Gift her time

There’s nothing a Mom needs than more time. Time for herself, time for you and time for her loved ones. The most special thing a mother can receive is undivided attention from those she cherishes most. Spend the day with her, put away your phone, and talk to her. Ask her questions about your life; the day you were born, her favourite memory of your childhood. Ask her questions about her life; what was her childhood like, what’s on her bucket list? She’ll love sharing her stories with you.

6. Give the gift of flowers

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than flowers. Show your Mom how much you appreciate her by gifting her with a gorgeous floral bouquet. Although some might argue that flowers are the more traditional choice of gift, a beautiful bunch of blooms is the perfect complement to any gift you decide to get for Mom, and adds a nice sentimental touch that she is sure to appreciate. From small bouquets to large arrangements, there are so many options to choose from. If you want something more than a bouquet, you can even get Mom a vase or flower box filled with a beautiful arrangement.

7. Share a meal

Moms love it when their whole family is under one roof. While it usually might be Mom doing the cooking, today, organise a special family meal and treat Mom purely as a guest. Don’t let her bring anything and don’t let her do anything. This is a time for her to relax and enjoy her family. To make it that little bit extra special, pull out the good china, set the table nicely and plan a three-course meal.

8. High tea for two

Take Mom out for a traditional high tea. Enjoy a freshly brewed tea, some delectable scones and those delicious cucumber sandwiches. Get dressed to the nines to make it feel even more luxurious. If you can’t get to a tea salon, why not bring high tea to Mom? Purchase some loose-leaf teas, bake up some scones and away you go.

 9. Do something together

Whether it’s a health class, a cooking class or a concert, Mom will love spending time with you as you learn something new or enjoy a favourite activity. Whether it’s the latest yoga craze, learning how to make the most delicious chicken curry, or watching the ballet dancers flutter around the stage, as long as it’s done together, she’s sure to love it.

10. Spa day

Massages, manicures, pedicures and facials – all something Moms very rarely purchase for themselves. Treat mum to all of them at once. Send her to a spa for the day and if you have the time, join her. Give her the gift of relaxation and let her spend the day worry-free.

11. Buy her something special

Of course, buying Mom something special is also a lovely way to show her that you love her. Whether it’s a new purse, a lovely outfit, some new pajamas or a new book, she’ll love that you have chosen something especially for her.