What Flowers Should You Give New Parents to Welcome the Arrival of their Baby?

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The arrival of a new baby is a special occasion in a couple’s life. And there’s no better way to congratulate the parents and partake in their joy than by giving them flowers. 

Why You Should Have Flowers in Your Office

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The purpose of an office is not simply a place to get work done - it also plays a vital role in forming employee relationships and showcasing what kind of company you are to existing and potential clients.

Everything You Need to Know about Lilies

Posted on in Blog by Gift Flowers

Want a gift that will be remembered for years to come? Lilies are fabulous choices, and there is a color or style for any occasion. 

A Guide to Sending Sympathy Flowers

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Losing a relative, friend or someone close is always sad, and preparing the wake, funeral and burial during this period of grief is not the most pleasant experience. 

Best Birthday Flowers for Summer 2017

Posted on in Blog by Gift Flowers

Wondering what would be the perfect birthday flowers for this summer? This guide will help you select a fresh, modern birthday bouquet for anybody you have on your gift list.

Boxed Flower Arrangements Tips and Ideas

Posted on in Blog by Jerry Ng

Boxed flowers are among the most beautiful types of floral arrangements. It breaks from tradition in a positive way, offering something new and unexpected. In a world that is always on the fast track forward, why not try something new that is sure to impress?

The Psychology Behind Your Flower Colour Choice

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Flowers have the power to brighten up our day. Their beauty, delicacy, and scent are a powerful tool that can lift everyone’s spirit in a heartbeat.

How to Make a Bouquet of Flowers Last Longer

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Flowers are a gorgeous way to decorate any home. Their scent, beauty, striking colouring and freshness give a pleasant and calm feeling to every room. Flowers have historically been associated with what’s beautiful in the world, and research has shown that flowers have an immediate and long-term effect on positive reactions, moods and even memories in women and men.

11 Ways to Spoil Mom this Mother’s Day

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Moms – the world just wouldn’t go around without them. Some have even gone so far to say that every day should be Mother’s Day. But with the actual Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start planning how you’ll show your Mom just how much she means to you. From breakfast in bed to a gorgeous bunch of flowers, there are so many ways you can spoil Mom this Mother’s Day.

Singapore’s Best Mini Bouquets

Posted on in Blog by June Lim

Singapore is full of beautiful flowers, and mini bouquets are no exception. When you want to send the right message in an affordable but meaningful way, the mini bouquet is your best friend. Certain flowers are more commonly found in mini bouquets than in others and they do not require much decoration to look gorgeous on display.

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